Why doesnt the TA get more recruits from the Cadet Force?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BuggerAll, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

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    I've always been dissapointed with the flow of recriuts from the cadet forces into the TA. The Regular Army does very well but in my experience the TA does not.

    I recently asked a gathering of (40 or so) ACF instructors. They agread that whilst they where aware of many of thier Cadets going of to regular careers they were hard pushed to think of more than 1 or 2 who had gone into the TA.

    The reasons suggested were firstly the poor quality of TA soldiers who go on weekends and camps with the ACF. GD wallahs and drivers who spend thier time boozing and monging about and secondly the resentment felt by adult instructor NCOs and Officers towards the TA because they believe that the TA hold them in contempt.

    There are some expeptions out there, there are some units who bring thier Cadets into the body of the Kirk (the instructors belong to thier messes etc), but they are the expeption rather than the rule.

    Are we in the TA missing a trick?
  2. Yep your looking at the wrong cadet force, we should concentrate (esp Sigs) on the ATC.

    Many of my old ATC Sqn went TA and many in my current Sig Sqn are also ex-ATC, very few ACF.
  3. I think we are missing a trick as you say. But am I right in saying that after the age of 16 a cadet must either become an adult instructor or simply leave, thus leaving a 2 year gap that they soon 'grow out' of the soldiering thing?

    Edited because I'm a biff. :lol:
  4. I think a cadet can stay until 18. Then has to become an instr. I,m preety sure thats what it was like many years ago when I was in the ACF.

    Regards LT.
  5. i think you will find the ACF has a charter in which it is expressly forbidden to actively recruit from their ranks for Regular as well as TA service

    at least that was the answer i was given a few months ago when i asked the question
  6. never heard of that one to be honest, whilst serving at a TA unit or in the ACIO??

    In fact we are actively encouraged to promote a career in the forces to the Cadet forces all the time thats why you normally have a recruiter in every office as a POC for the cadet units in the area.

    It should be no different with the TA either, most of the time the ACF units are either located in the same buildings as the TA but on different nights so it should only be a case of either offering assistance in the form of military lessons or indeed a careers presentation.

    Bear in mind though that the Cadets are minors, and ideally you should be CRB'd when dealing with them ;)

    But certainly no harm in promoting what you unit has to offer, under OAR we are all going to be recruiting for each other anyway and that includes ACF adult instructors, so why not do a bit of mutual back scratching and see if you cant fill their ranks with people that are finally moving on ;)
  7. Because it's the ACF instructors who (quite rightly) organise and train the cadets, the TA soldiers who attend (or are coerced) are usually there purely to fill in gaps. The bods that go will probably be those that want a little extra cash rather than those who best represent the TA unit.

    When the ACF meet the Regular Army, this will probably be in the form of training organised by the Regular Army, complete with troops selected to reflect the best that the unit offers. While the soldiers probably think of the exercise as a bit of fun, no doubt their officers will have considered the potential recruiting benefits.

    The resentment comes down to the ranks worn. The lowest rank for an AI is Sgt, though he will have done less training than many Reg/TA Privates. As the ACF is essentially a civilian organisation (look at the charter), albeit military-funded, the use of military ranks serves to confuse. Just where does a TA soldier stand in relation to a schoolkid that "out-ranks" him, particularly if the AIs use the Sgts' Mess?
  8. Yeah it 18. I know a couple of guys who went straight from cadets to the TA and decided to go back to cadets as an AI because they felt their training was to slow. I think that the more support the TA gives to the cadets will improve recruiting. I remember when I was a little cadet my local TA and OTC were very activily involved and turned regularly to weekends and camp. I still turn up as often as I can to help my old cadet unit its useful as then they can answer their question about joing the TA or Regs, instead of some AI just finished initial training.
  9. If you want to recruite more ex cadets, then one good way, would be to give the cadets something in return. If you were going on excercise for the weekend, and you asked for senior cadets to come along as part of the enemy forces, you would find you had a lot of 15 - 18 year old cadets that were interested in joining.
  10. ^ that there is a good idea. I might suggest that tomorrow.
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