Why doesn't the A2 have a compensator?

I know that we tend not to fire it on full auto, but does anyone know why we don't fit a compensator to the A2?

Could be used to keep short bursts on target.

I can understand that, thanks.

Given that the vortex suppressor is being fitted on Ops ( not that I'll ever see it, of course ) it could have been built in at that point.

Is it as simple as a cost / benefit issue?


Is it as simple as a cost / benefit issue?
I assume so. You know what the MoD is like when it comes to procurement. Someone will have to spend 18 months looking into possible options, then draw up a contract, then pricing, then someone will have to make up some measurables to test against, then 12 months of testing, retesting, evaluating just to chin it off, or spend another few mil purchasing the hardware and flying it round the world.
Err, all of the above wrong.

Muzzle-flash is the issue, hence why the old cage-type flash suppressor has been replaced by a vortex-type.

Oh, and there are combined brake/flash suppressors, but they are not very good brakes & not very good flash suppressors.

Also, you think being next to a rifle is loud, you should try being next to a compensated one.
Cage, vortex, twiddly bit flash eliminators, flash suppresors, tungsten carbide tipped window breaking flash eliminators and even barbed assault flash eliminators are fine. However, the move is to eliminating flash and bang. There are many companies, led by Surefires R&D - notice I did'nt say copying Surefires R&D, that are making very effective sound suppressors that significantly reduce flash also.

The boxheads are looking at suppresors for health and safety reasons......apparently someones mummy complained that all the loud bangs were not healthy for little Hermann. The only downside I have had presented to me for not adopting suppresors in an infantry role is that bayonets cannot be fitted with present designs.......so change the design, adapt the bayonet mounts.

The benefits of suppresors outweigh the single drawback. Operationally the enemy is more confused as to source of incoming fire because the is very little flash and very little noise, as a team or section you can still hear shouted commands. Technically the units add very little weight and have almost zero effect on shot placement.

As there are plenty to choose from on the market and the fact that any lathe trained armourer could make a decent monobloc suppresor in a matter of a couple of hours why are suppresors not on general issue - you can stick your cage type flash eliminators. Surefires tag line is 'Total Signature Reduction', it is impressive to see their units after the larger units I had hands on with back in the 80's.

SureFire Suppressor video - YouTube

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