Why Doesn't Anyone Ever Pick On Me?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. She is is too hard and I am scared

  2. She is nails and I am scared

  3. She is little fluffy girl and I don't want to hurt her


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  1. Where is "I'm afraid to catch her anal warts and crabs"?
  2. TIT
  3. quick pass the slug pellets....they are quick and easy. In fact very much like u dale.......
  4. She'll catch it or you will????
  5. Dale
    You missed!!! Can't be arsed!
  6. always easy. Ka ching :lol:
  7. I seem to bring the kiss of death to any thread I reply to probably because I'm a fcuking boring b'stard and nobody likes me.Still that what does not kill me makes me stronger(FREIDERICHE NIETSCHE) and I couldn't give a tuppeny fcuk.
  8. Who the fcuk was that boring b'stard up there?? :lol:

    Lets get this thread going!!
  9. its because youre my biatch :D
  10. 'Cos, yer a completely boring, irelevant, Engerlander,whinging wert !! Judging by the number of posts ye have, yer obviously a sad, bydey in, 'puter nerdy geek feck that needs to get a life as much as ye need a feckin guid wash ! FFS I would'ny touch ye Twicers and it's probably 'cos ye've no had a really guid seeing too lately that yer posting such attention seeking, sad, 'please somebody pay attention too me' feckin drivel !!!

    Will that do ? :wink:
  11. Subtle as ever big yin!

    Portugal for the cup!
  12. Hello whats goin on in here? Who we abusing?

    I need entertaining as have had 4 hours sleep and on 3rd cup of coffee and STILL can't wake up properly. 8O
  13. Jest trying t'be helpful !!

    As for the footie, who'd have believed a Greece-Portugal final !! Feckin awesome. S'bin a brilliant tournament, a real giant killer. And I'm not the worlds biggest footie fan I can tell ye.
  14. want to tell us why? :wink: