Why does the UK seem to lag behind everyone else?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Steven, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Why is the UK so slow and backwards at times?


    The trains here have had TVs in the headrests for years, included in the cost of the ticket as well and even onboard WIFI on some.

    I honestly thought that this stuff would have been in service in the UK ages ago.
  2. Inefficiency.

    Gross inefficiency on every level of the country's functional mechanics, resulting in measly yet somehow promising output for a ridiculous amount of fuel intake.

    Waste of good materials.
  3. Wot 'e said.
  4. Atleast your trains have seats.
  5. There were no tellies/WiFi in the DB trains I used to use in the north of the Fatherland....
  6. Don't forget the land of the nazi had a complete makeover in 1939-45.
  7. Coupled with an instinctive notion that it's better to win the argument than to achieve the result, and you're spot on. Blame culture is one symptom of the above, but it infests the fabric of the nation.

    Of course, it might help if we believed it was a good idea for the bloke in charge of something to actually have a clue about the thing he was in charge of, instead of having done really, really well at counting numbers in a completely different role. Radical thought, I know. :roll:
  8. ICEs have had them everywhere since 2001 at least.

    It maybe just that I have got used to such things that I find it strange when what I still think of as home suddenly pops up with "hey look. Isn't this great" and I think WTF?
  9. I remember when you didn't need a tv in the headrest of the seat in front because all seats on intercity trains had a table in front of them and large windows aligned with the seats so you could see out......

    Now they have the disadvantages of trains and airliners combined.
  10. And get a carry out thus getting pished going home on leave.
  11. You must live on the Planet Zog.

    I have travelled from Edinburgh to London on numeros occasions,,I've sat in the back of 4 tonners that were more comfortable,f*cking disgrace,it was so bad that when I sat down on the Tube,I sighed with relief. :x

    You want comfort,try the TGV,civilised rail travel!
  12. I love travelling on trains specifically because they're not like sitting in your living room. It's a sad thing that people need to be entertained every second of every day or they don't know what to do with themselves.

    To me, trains are a place to be left alone to either enjoy the view, a book, or a can of stella and a chat with a random stranger if the mood takes you both. Or else the world can fcuk off for a few hours while I get to where I'm going.
  13. As far as the railways go it is probably down to the fact that certainly since 1945, or perhaps even earlier, as a nation we haven't really been able to find a way of running a railway that the voters are comfortable with and works. Since WW2 we ahve had 3 failed major reorganisations, nationalisation, abject failure, Beeching, failure, denationalisation failure.

    We know it is wrong, and still not working but all that ever happens is that the polititians stand around scratching their heads and getting splinters in their fingers.

    The railways need investment, they need completley reorganised to completely split the running of commercial services from the provision of infrastructure. If trains are to compete with buses and planes they need to pay for their infrastructure on simialr basis.
  14. And much, much longer franchises with much, much stronger disincentives for cocking up.
  15. What, you mean objective based leadership? Oops, I'll go and wash my mouth out.