Why does the recruitment process take so long?

Just curious.

I'm applying for the Paras, and passed ADSC about 3 weeks ago (after having initiated my application more than a year before that,) but the ACIO say they're still waiting for a date. Other posts on Arrse suggest that most people get their dates quite soon after ADSC, particularly when joining the infantry.

I would've thought that once they know someone has passed ADSC, it would be a simple matter of looking on the system for an open slot for the CIC and booking a date?

But apart from this latest delay in my personal application saga, the whole process seems ridiculously convoluted and lengthy. All the steps are fair enough - form filling, medical forms, interview, ADSC, etc. But why the months and months of waiting in between? I keep reading how understaffed the Army is (particularly the infantry,) so why on earth does it take so long just to get started with training?
ive experianced the same kind of delays, but at the end of the day just get used to it because as the saying goes, "hurry up and wait" and its something youll do a lot of in the infantry ;)
Loads of reasons why it can take a while, some more obvious that others.

Vacancies on next intake: If they are struggling to fill a certain intake and can't make the minium number required then they will cancel it until such time as they have enough people to warrant running one, this can snowball because ITC only have a certain amount of vacancies which are normally forecast against the CMS(R) intakes, then factor in that P Company forecasts against ITC and it's the making of an even bigger snowball.

My advice is not to worry about when your intake is, but concentrate on getting as fit as you can in the time you have left, the fitter you are, the easier it is ;)

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