Why does the land of the free only have 2 politcal parties?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Even though we in this country have a lot of professional politicians who all seem to be much of a muchness with very little to differentiate them, we at least have a variety of voting options however I can't understand why the Yanks only have 2 parties. Surely there must be some people in America who have differing views from the Democrats and Republicans? When alls said and done they're only 1 party away from communism!!

    anyone know why the Yank system is the way it is and why nobody seems to want to create an alternative party over there?
  2. They do have differing views but they are usually religiously-aligned, and the two parties just blow smoke up the different voter groups so there is no need for anymore.

    But my own belief is that just askin them to decide between 2 candidates tends to be too difficult for them; see past results ad inf. ;)
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  3. Last time I checked, we only had two real parties too.

    A lot of people (myself included) are far more concerned with stopping the wrong party getting in than they are with ensuring the right one does. That tends to incline people to vote for the main opposing party, leaving little space for anyone else.
  4. I thought there was a Communist party in the USA?

    ..at least that McCarthy chap seemed to think so..!
  5. Two options is about as much as the average American brain can handle.
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  6. We don't IF you bother to look at the presidential elections you'll see almost always a 3rd and 4th party candidate.
    for instance this Year
    Democrat- Obama
    Republican- Romney
    Libertarian- Johnson
    Green- Stein
    United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Democrat- Obama
    Constitution party- Baldwin
    Green party-McKinney
    Independent Party- Nader
    Hell Gus Hall CPUSA was a perennial candidate for decades

  7. GB you have my sympathy,******* Green party is popping up everywhere nowdays! :mrgreen:
  8. Two are as much as the corporations are willing to finance - it successfully creates the illusion of choice whilst reducing the amount of bribes that would be required in a multi-party system.
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  9. MLK would have been a decent president but there's no way the Dems would have allowed him on a ticket.
  10. Think it would be much too complicated if there were more than two parties. Most people groan at voting slips which number five different candidates belonging to their respective five political parties. Too many views/philosophies to keep track of and agree/disagree with. Although adding a credible third party would probably spice up your political life.....We speak from experience!
  11. Then they should have the right to vote taken off of them the mouth breathing fuckwits.
    And the Liberal Democrats as a credible third party are you taking the piss? They've achieved nothing to date and will be destroyed at the next election having failed to deliver anything except that utterly pointless referendum on AV.
  12. I wonder if voting was made compulsory in the US, how it would affect the results?
  13. It is important to recall the very different structure of US government. Our president is an elected executive, distinct from the legislature. The UK legislature has evolved over many years into a system where the leadership of the legislature is the executive while still being part of the legislature. Under the UK system a third party can lead to a coalition government as, I think, you have now.

    It has been a number of years since a third party candidate has gotten enough votes to win electoral votes. I think the only time in my lifetime was the '48 election where Truman was the Democrat candidate and Strom Thurmond ran as a "States Rights Democrat" supporting segregation and won a few states in the deep south.

    A third party candidate could have an effect as a spoiler. Ross Perot came fairly close to doing this in 1991 and took a lot of votes that might have gone to Bush41 although looking at the numbers Clinton probably would have won even if Perot had not run.

    There has not been a significant third party presence in either the Senate or the House for many years. Currently there are two independent Senators. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was a fairly conservative Democrat, lost a primary to a liberal Democrat and won re-election as an Independent. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist who runs as an independent and is the Senator from Vermont.
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  14. Well apparently in Florida a College professor tried to do just that. Made her students sign an Obama pledge to vote for Obama and a straight up down Democratic ticket. She got the idea from Yourbarackobama.com

    Apparently it violates federal election law though, besides the obvious intimidation factor if you didnt sign towards your grades.

    She's now on unpaid sabbatical

    Associate Professor Sharon Sweet allegedly urged her students to vote for Obama | wtsp.com
  15. Most oppresive monolithic states have a sham one party system and elections which fail to convince anyone that they live in a democracy, America has a sham two party alledged democracy, which is enough to convince Americans that they have the best democracy in the world, until they fall ill.
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