Why does the Army hate RMP?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by vortexringpiece, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I had the honour of serving my time with an RMP cap badge although only three years with the corps then I got a better offer and went flying with the AAC,

    In my time with the corps, I don't recall hearing of any serviceman that got gripped by an MP that didn't have it coming, I used to nick soldiers in BAOR for drunk driving, assaulting others, thieving and so on, I never nicked anyone for service discipline type stuff, that was unit RP's job so far as I was concerned, I personally couldn't give a shit if you didn't salute Ruperts or walk with hands in pockets, so why would anyone hate me? If you got nicked for drunken driving, tough shit, if you get locked up for drunkenness type stuff, it is always better than getting a beatin of GCP for the same thing - or shot as I recall one poor bugger, so what's your problem?

    So, seriously what's your problem with RMP, Oh, and BTW, never did mind being called a monkey, if you understand where it comes from, neither would you!

    Not interested in hearing deranged bleating from morons, reasoned arguments please. I suspect the Rabid 'Monkey Haters' are the knuckle dragging types that can't string logical arguments together anyway.
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  2. Oh dear.......
  3. Sky on live pause, popcorn in microwave, can..psssstt......
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  4. This thread has been done before.

    By someone funnier.
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  5. OP must be out of flying hours I guess :)
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    And it's not even Friday!
  7. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    In Bosnia in 199X I had occasion to ask the BPO for a little bit of understanding with regard to some of my guys caught in the female accom area in XXXX. This occurred because my chaps/girls were making a bit of noise and pissed off another female (who happened to be shagging a monkey). The BPO, a particularly toxic (and ugly) female major, accused me of attempting to pervert the course of justice. I therefore made it my main effort to go through the evidence with a fine toothcomb. I was partially successful, and got 2 of them off because of conflicting RMP statements. Unfortunately my senior bloke was up in front of the Brigadier and was found guilty. All fine and dandy so far. The Brigadier, on conclusion of questioning, asked the bloke (in front of me) "I want you to think carefully before you answer this question..was (me) there?" My bloke answered (truthfully) "no". The Brig then turned to me and said "good, because if you had been I'd have sacked you". It transpired that the RMP were suspicious of my efforts on my guys' behalf and had assumed that I was trying to cover up for myself; I was never questioned, but they had intimated this to the Brigadier.

    Now that is why we hate monkeys.
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  8. You hated them enough to **** them off after one posting, why shouldn't the rest of the Army?
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  9. I've pondered it for a moment & decided that being a Monkey is not the reason the OP was hated.
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  10. Cant think of enough words..oh hang on..hmmmm..Bigoted, self important, liars, deceitful, corrupt, false, ..hows that for starters...oh forgot about disloyal, traitorous turncoat *****....
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  11. Dull question. Dull thread. Why do people not like coppers, generally?
  12. I'm not a huge fan of monkeys but I think they are quite clever in being able to hang onto tree's using their tails and the ones in Gibraltar who nick stuff from the tourists :)
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  13. I don't hate the RMP it’s just my experience with them was always adversarial, for some reason they always seemed to think the Jocks were guilty, how stereotypical!
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  14. More importantly, why do the RMP hate each other?

    It's a conundrum that's up there with "why don't all the French commit suicide once they learn that they're French?"
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  15. A perfect example of what I was going to say which is that they are unprofessional (and that's as polite as I'm going to be).