Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by TIGER-MONKEY, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. This is not a dig, but a question I have just thought of. Why is the RLC royal yet AGC are not?

    RLC formed from Rct, Raoc, acc, Re (P&C)

    AGC Formed from Rmp, Rapc, wRac, Raoc (Staff Clerks), Raec, alc

    Not that I begrudge the royal title to the RLC, but this just occurred to me while reading their thread that I see no reason for their title to include royal yet AGC does not.

    Apart from the fact that their is no royal AG does anyone have any idea, or is it yet another indication of the lack of thought that went into this miss-mash of a corps?
  3. Imagine you have got it there. Plus, perhaps it was felt they weren't worthy?
  4. They don't bother making the gay corps Royal.

    That's why the AAC are not royal :D
  5. [/quote]Plus, perhaps it was felt they weren't worthy?[/quote]

    well, I got it........
  6. Plus, perhaps it was felt they weren't worthy?[/quote]

    well, I got it........[/quote]

    No need to be down about it...
  7. good point...considering the number of right ROYAL cnuts in the AGC?
  8. Awwwww bless he wants to be a royal, sob sob boo hoo.

    Why worry about trivial things when there is a bigger picture than you.
  9. No Corps with Monkeys and a sh*te Records Office like Glasgow will ever deserve the title "Royal". As Mr Royle would say "Royal AGC my Arse"!!!
  10. Whilst not defending the complete muppetness that is the AGC; all the Army have Glasgow as their 'Records Office'. Anyway, the AGC have 'green berets', what more could they want for? Perhaps a Winged Pen for those who have done the Imprest Holders course?
  11. Easy now...apart from a pass plus on milling at P Coy, my only A grade on a course was Service Funds Accounting! It's not easy you know counting beans, especially when the number of beans that make five is constantly under review at the 2 star level.
  12. Well personally I do not actually care as I am no longer in. This was just a question, and I see that like me no one on here actually knows.
  13. The AGC has THREE crowns on the cap badge, how much more Royal do you want them to be...? :cool:
  14. To be fair, do the Special Pen Service need to have royal in their name? SAS, SBS... SPS?

    T C
  15. Apparently it is all to do with the Adjutant General not being a royal as in RAGC, AGRC would suggest that the AG could call anything belonging to him royal as in the Adjutant General's Royal dog, etc!!.

    Personnaly I think the Corps should have been christened the Royal Army Personnel Corps or RAPC - now that has a better ring to it!!