Why does stuff take so long in the UK?

Sorry--- Should have quoted your statement.

"You never will either. Not very many of the expats do here. People will adopt aspects of their new country, but it is unrealistic to expect them to give up everything from the old country."
Well in some places like Germany that sort of naughty behavior runs rampant. You are correct that assimilation is a disaster.

But this is the Wild West, fit in or feck off. Shenanigans are dealt with harshly.
I like yanks------ I was taken through training with a USMC G/Sgt on exchange(Top guy)
The Germans kicked the British Army out of France in 1940.
The only reason we got back there was for the Mighty US War Machine!
Now we're fighting to get back out!
And Trump ain't going to help.
It's like asking 'why do we not build things like the Flavian Amphitheatre any more?' and then thinking 'oh yeah, the tens of thousands of slaves'.

Worst case scenario when you really don't want to work on that road in Europe? Sacked.
Worst case scenario when you really don't want to work on that road in China? Shot.

Human Rights aren't just the opposite of Human Lefts you know.
Take a like for using the correct name, although, I doubt the spams will know what you are talking about.
And mate, I haven't "sponged" jack shit off this country. I've only ever contributed. I could have applied for benefits or whatever a long time ago - but I didn't. I thought they were for people who really needed them. I have about a month's rent left and something to figure out. I will. Sponging, hell no.

If you've contributed and are in need then you're entitled to whatever benefits you qualify for. Let's have less of the false pride bollocks please.


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Your flash to bang time is getting shorter. What do you moderate exactly? Your arrspedia entry about me needs updating. Get on with it, lackey.
Baglock made the same inane claim about Arrsepedia, it was wrong too. Get to see a lot of flash to bang in Greggs and the ACF do you?
Then don't drink warm beer, most of us don't.
Room temperature means from 300 years ago before central heating or even effective fireplaces.
Cricket is not a game, it is a religion and must be approached as such.
Cellar temperature, Shirley?

Apologies if this point has already been made, I haven't made it to the end of the thread.
..this video got me thinking - I am stupid, just assume it - but still. I have been in the UK for a good few years now and even minor things to reconstruct and everything else seems to take ages. Yes, H&S and everything is important and I totally get it, but is it the lack of tradies? Enough vocationally trained people? I've personally seen a bloody roundabout worked on for about a year with no (outwardly) visible changes near where I lived. I've also seen my work parking lot worked on for about 6 months. Something even my fellow countrymen back home would manage to do it much quicker. I really do wonder, is it additional legislation, regulations? Have no clue. Just a thought.

Further to my original post, a funny comment posted by a Canadian:

"The Chinese over there inventing new technologies and innovations to build sick roads and infrastructures while we here in Canada be inventing new genders"

Though, not everything there is "invented." :)
Lucky bugger try Italy . Main road to Rome is like a WW1 battle field.
And have you ever been to the city of Detroit? I mean forget all the other aspects but Christ, the roads and the potholes are a nightmare. I cracked a rim while on the freeway at 70 mph and managed to pull over for safety. Blew my tires out a couple of times because of them. They have almost zero funding for maintaining them.

So in MI we have two seasons - construction/ orange cone season and winter season.

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