In 1972, it was £5, all in small change, which I dropped , and the crusty old major , a relic from the mid 20's afghan tribal wars, harrumphed and coughed, and I was shushed out by the recruiting Sargent. 2 weeks later I was in Helles Barracks, being beasted about for queen and country. The rest, as they say, is history.............

My fiver along with a dozen or so new recruits bought a great afternoon in the Queen Vic.

Some weeks later we find the fiver’s an advance; them Sergeants were sly.

Good lesson.
Its not anecdotal, it has been recognised that Capita have failed. What I don't know, is whether the contract had penalty clauses written into it.

I walked into careers office Sept 17 1983. Attended Sutton Coldfield around Nov, attested and started Nasic 3rd Dec 1983. That was in the days of typewriters, telephones and carrier pigeons; two and a half months start to finish.

Fast fwd to 2016, when we have email, instant messaging, groupware and apps. Visit ACIO or whatever its called in March/Apr. Advised to apply via the web, so do. Got an 'interview' sometime in July. Selection in August, and then have to wait until Feb 2017 for Phase 1A - because Crapita couldn't manage to write to my GP for a medical summary. And they still managed to bugger up the trade; apparently Comms Network Engineer is not a Reserve trade, despite the on-line career choice listing it, selecting it, Capita AND Selection validating it...

There are people who have been waiting two years. There are people who have "failed" the medical for a heart condition, yet the ECG showed no such issue, and following the appeal process the reason morphed into an eyesight issue - despite the applicant having superb eyesight.

There was quite a discussion on DC earlier in the year regarding this, and apparently CoS/CoC is aware. What they can do, I have no idea.

Same here. I gave up.

Crapita don’t want to recruit people.

They failed. Nobody working there can hold their head up.