Why does PTSD still have a stigma in the Army?? Why can victims not receive correct disability??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Richie2cs, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Because for every genuine case, there are about 100 people using it to bigtime or excuse their various life failures.
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  2. You have no idea what was happening or how they were coping.

    So you are basically telling them to man up and dry their eyes? They shouldn't be in this position in the first place and if we offered the correct level of support things may or may not have turned out better - albeit we are progressing and the stigma of Mental Health is certainly not as bad as it once was.

    And why is 20% more than fair? In your opinion? It isn't enough in mine.

    Absolutely ridiculous ill informed opinion.

    Are you serious? And you think these comments are supportive?

    You have issues, i get that, but so can others. It's been a little while since your incident, why not use your experiences to guide others?

    As a wise, wise man once said:

    "with great responsibility comes great power" - use your powers for good Dinger.
  3. You've seen the H4H band of brothers Facebook page then.
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  4. Dingerr - what a refreshing post! As a matelot, all nice and safe in a sleek black messenger of death, I can only imagine what you chaps (in general) and you in particular went through. Kudos, or as we say, BZ.

    I have a Godson, still serving, who did 3 tours of Afghanistan. He is PTSDd up the Ying Yang, but is getting no support and I/we fear for his long term health. Regularly wakes up screaming and hitting out wildly - so we hear. He sees it as a weakness, as does his outfit and so he will not seek help.

    Now, lay off the pies and get back to phys you fat git.
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  5. Are you having a Giraffe? Not only are you an ignorant git, you're a patronising cünt.

    Do you have any military experience? Your oversensitivity indicates not.
  6. All you're doing is coming across as angry and bitter, which you have every right to be - but your muckers aren't at fault, those in the Ivory Towers who sent us out there are.

    I'll leave this thread now as it's now devolved into something that also isn't helping the OP.

    Good luck with your recovery bud - both of you.
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2017
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  7. There is help out there, but you've got to go looking, just try everything on offer, something will kick in.

    It's not a weakness, it's a strength to recognise an issue within yourself and try to address the problem.

    Ultimately he will only be doing different activities, motor racing, AT, sailing, acting - there's no sitting around singing Kumbaya
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  8. @brummieboy1,
    Any chance you could explain which bit of my post desrved a SABC?
  9. You cannot see it and seeing is believing. Civis hate soldiers. Never expect them to like you ever and youll be ok.
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  10. Probably because of serial bullshitters like yourself waffling shite about their "military" careers. You tube.
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  11. I am saving that last sentence for future use.