Why Does Nobody Give a Damn?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chief_Joseph, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. This is an issue that has been bothering me for some time. Plenty of guys I know who've been in Iraq and Afghanistan made good friends among the local interpreters, army, police, and general civilian population. When I bring this up around my fellow civvies, they laugh. They tell me I've been lied to by the murdering dimwits who call themselves soldiers (this includes both yank and brit service members that they refer to).

    What bothers me is that those people, people who've been like family to my friends are in constant danger, their families are in constant danger. They take these risks to help their country, to rid them of people like the Taliban and al-Queda. But nobody gives a damn, people have laughed at it in my face on the issue. These are human beings, who people seem to ignore. My friend still has contact with his interpreter back in Iraq, who always tells him things are fine, likely so that my friend won't worry about him. Why does nobody give a feck? What's going to happen to them? Why is it that only "murdering dimwits" care about these people, while activists get on the pedestal to talk about how much they care about them, so much that they want to abandon them? Why are the most compassionate people I know trained to kill? Is it the end of the world?
  2. I guess the problem that what is happening is so far removed from thier personal experience that they have no frame of reference. All you can do is to gently remind people now and then. It's certainly not worth getting in anyones face about it, or getting too depressed. It's not that they don't care, they simply don't understand. It is why we have days when we remember the fallen of old wars, so the new generations can get some small appreciation of the hardships and sacrifices of those who fought to give us our freedoms.
  3. Very well said, Chief_Joseph. I am proud to have some years ago initiated a plan which, against high-paid opposition, got local staff to safety. There are many dilemmas in such a situation - eg what happens to families. Two of my people who did stay behind were murdered by different factions. I was subsequently interviewed for a very good lecture paper about the generic risks facing locally- employed mission interpreters.

  4. It's more than interpreters though. It's Iraqi and Afghan troops and police, it's everyday civilians who give tips, or even who dare to wave at coalition forces, all of them are at risk. I wish someone would think about them, but only the soldiers and marines ever seem to care. It will be 50 years before anyone cares about them, and the same people who ignore them now will be blaming the soldiers and marines for not doing more for them. It's maddening and painful to think about.
  5. Who ever said that the Hippy era was over. Its just changed clothes and music. Lets faced it, while the Hippies were peace and love, todays yoof in the western countries are only interested in self, beer and lookin chill man.

    I know its a generalisation Chief, (and your exempted from that). Living here now, reading some of the posts about "Chavs" in the UK, I can see them here. Driving their pimped out honda civics, noisy exhausts, and that fcuking BOOM BOOM BOOM from the subwoofer. Their all brain damaged. They dont have any respect for themselves (other than respec dood), others, property or their future.

    Have you noticed though, they wear their "uniforms", have the same "drills", hang out in "section" size groups and have a "rank" structure (based on chill levels). Kick some sense into them, give them some DPMs? and boots, then march the little feckers around until they see sense or the error of their ways.
  6. I've noticed quite well what you're talking about. I can pick out the rank structure. They have protestors, agitators, organizers, and leaders. At least the hippies believed in something. I live in a city of people who are to busy making a statement to make a difference. If they cared, they could donate to a worthy cause rather than smack others in the face. It's insane.
  7. I have just finished watching "Newswatch" today (Saturday morning). The point that was very well made was that the TV news coverage of the Lebanon crisis has been extremely biased, with four hours (so far) being devoted to the Israeli attacks in Lebanon, and a mere 15 minutes to Hezbollah's rocket attacks on Israel.

    It is much harder to form strong opinions on a subject if you feel that you are not being presented with all the facts - even more if you also suspect that the information that you have been given deliberately mis-represents the sutuation.

  8. Yes, news footage has been a bit biased. However, as of thursday, confirmed deaths were around 500 to 50, so there is perhaps a sense of proportionaility, something the Israelis lack. Also, it might wel be noted, Hezbolah have not shelled the UN or press recently. YEsterday both the BBC and ITN were hit in the same convoy, it would have to take a pretty unbiased journo no to give it some spin. It could be argued merely reporting it gives spin.
  9. er yes but put a group of lefties together and they will soon be fighting one another thats why theres nearly a hundred left wing partys in the uk all hating one another.
    all fun and games but in france thats whychirac got in as the only other option was le penn :evil:
  10. Chief Joseph, am I the only person who grinds their teeth when ever you post your saccharine, "Older than your years", cliche'd platitudes

    Your do gooding self promotion, and your ability to "Understand" all positions and "Concur" with other posters is doing my head in

    You have so many friends in Iraq and Afghanistan I'm suprised you haven't been sent white feathers, are these people your electronic friends that you have "Groomed" over the net.

    Give it a rest, go to fecking church/get drunk/feck a cheerleader anything but posting your turgid, "ain't I an all american angel" sh_t

  11. I don't think Hezbollah have organised media ops. Besides which , would you want to be filming a report live from a Katyusha launch?

    Journo's are being given access to hospitals in the Labanon , mostly I feel, to push the International community into doing something. I don't think they are being given access to hospitals in Israel to quite the same degree. At least, I haven't seen footage of injured Israelis being treated.

    Numerous journalists injured last week , and a French female journo from Canal+? killed when their convoy was brassed up.

    As someone else mentioned, I can see why the journos may be a little pissed off, and that being reflected in their reporting.
  12. Gimpy, you win first prize for the "Totally Superfluous Post of the Day". What's the matter with you? Chief_Joseph is a person who genuinely cares about other people. What's more he actually proves that by his activities.

    So when he brings up a salient and important point, why not make some sort of effort to comment on that, instead of trying to ameliorate your own bitterness with ad hominem attacks? If you've nothing to say on the subject, don't post. Simple as!

  13. Cheers Bugsy didn't realise you new him so well

    "Chief_Joseph is a person who genuinely cares about other people. What's more he actually proves that by his activities."

    If I wanted the Teenage electronic forum version of

    "I'd like to teach the world to sing"

    I would seek out some christian peace movement website

    If you stopped blowing smoke up this boys arrse you may actually realise most of his waffle is second hand nonsense

    Do I get another prize for this post

    Real world OUT
  14. Gimpy, I'll just repeat what I said in my previous post: "If you've nothing to say on the subject, don't post. Simple as!"

    And yeah, you have earned another accolade: "Dismally Sad and Embittered Old Man of the Week".

  15. No Gimp, you don't.

    This 'boy' got off his arrse and did something , which is a lot more than others of his peer group do. People like us inspired him to do so, and to take an active interest in doing so , and to do something about it in his own small way.

    Personally , I am pleased there are young people like this in the world today.

    Your posts simply make you look the chopper Gimp , not Chief Joseph.