why does noboby use this site any more?


I have noticed that since this site became a talking shop for firemen and thier apologists we seem to have lost many correspondents.

Too many moderators where too quick jumping in and stopping debate just because they seem to think firemen had an equal right to spout unending political nonsense.  But when non-firemen wanted to add to the debate we were directed to the NAAFI bar!!!!

I am also deeply concerned by the amount of "anti-war" threads that have appeared of late.  By all means question the rights and wrongs but this is verging on some sort of crusade to "stop the war".

My final concern is the amount of bigoted and racist threads regarding anything from asylum seekers to ethnic minorities. A casual visitor to this site could think that he had landed on a BNP wed site!!
Think your on your own on this one.

The threads have been managed well and the moderators have put the posts into the correct threads in the right boards. They are clearly explained and labelled on the Forum home page.

I for one was petrified at the outcome of GW1 when we were fully justified in entering Kuwait and ridding the place of the Iraqi's. I wouldn't want to get involved now.

Its just a view and an opinion and this site is here for us to voice them.

It looks like you have just taken the hump with a handful of moderators because your posts were in the wrong forum.

Think this thread should now be moved to the NAAFI bar so we can pull you to bits for making such a bone post


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As I moderate this forum it is for me to decide what is and is not appropriate to appear here, and I have on occaision edited threads to remove names or details that could identify individuals, or edited to keep a thread from going wildly off-topic. Only oncfe have I moved a thread regarding a certain entertainer accused of sexual misconduct from the Int Cell to the NAAFI where it rightly belonged.

That being said, I would have no qualms about editing posts, deleteing posts or threads or moving them if i felt that their content was inappropriate either for this specific forum or for the site in general.

What I will not do is censor valid opinion. Some of the posts in this forum I could not disagree with more if I tried, but people are entitled to their opinions, and the right to express them. If you feel strongly for or against a point of view, I urge you to argue (intelligently) your point because this discussion is the life-blood of the board.

I will comment that I share your final view Yeo, to a limited extent, and I have had cause to comment on some of the content of the threads. Bad CO acted to move one such thread into the NAAFI. Had the content been beyond what either of us consider acceptable the thread would have been deleted.

Finally, the site is getting higher usage than at any time over the past 12 months. I may if I find the time do some web stats from the ip address logs.
Well, must agree with Y_T on one thing - too many damned firemen (precious few women there - last bastion of white male supremacy - wot a larf) on the board, spouting off on all sorts of topics.

Sod 'em all, I say!
I've gotta agree with woopert here. It seems to me that a lot more people are now using the site and to be honest, it's quite a good laugh most of the time.

Don't forget a lot of the guys (me included) and girls on here are ex squaddies who come to play on here in between using these damn fangled machined to make money.

The topics may go off on a bit of a tangent sometimes but most are pigeon holed into the right forums in the end.

As for all the insults and crap flying backwards and forwards, well, it’s just the NAAFI bar but on line.

I, for one, am not known for being overly politically correct but it's mostly in jest (mostly, except for B Liar, Mercedes and fire fighters) and I get as good (if not worse - refer to MDN's comments about me!) as I give, I don't give a sh1t about that though, it's all part of the banter.

As for the "anti war" thing, can't say I've noticed too much of that from the squaddies in here, just the visiting fire tw*ts and the wannabes, and they are just there to be slagged off by us who know better.

I do give some (grudging) credence to MDN's comment above though, I was out in GW1 and I reckon it will be a lot worse this time.

I also still think that we should go and fcuk him over big time though. The Middle East needs a new big glass ice skating ring.

Lighten up, crack a beer and fcuk em all ;D


War Hero

Go and give yourself a nosh matey! ;)
the moderators are all fascists

And where exactly did I say this was a democracy?

I'll take that as a compliment shall I?

Oh, and if you want your mates to use the site, encourage them to come into it. The firefighters will all get bored and bugger off when the dispute is over, not much for them to relate to otherwise.



before you go of and try to blind us all with web stats lok at the last 7 post on current affairs, they have achieved 7 replies.  Then look at the content of each of the posts.

Most of the Arm sites have had little or no replies for weeks.

For all those GW1 veterans I was also thier and it is a shame (but with good reasons) that we did not finish the job first time round.  
Agree with that we should have gone all the way but we didn't and I for one don't want to go now.

This time they will be defending thier own soil and will go on forever with far more allied losses.

Scuds can't reach the UK let the Isreaelis sort it out when they rain down on Tel Aviv

Hell of a time to release the Cherie Blair saga........... something smells

the things I want to understand are:

* Peaks and troughs in posting
* Those re-registering and posting under different user names to their original ones
* Those who have registered and never posted, but do log in and read the threads
* As above but who have never posted and haven't returned to read the forums
* Daily hit rate from non-registered visitors

Those would be more telling stats (all of which we can get with a bit of time and effort) as they will tell us precisly what I already suspect, namely that while post rates fluctuate, the site receives far more "hits" from far more places than the post rate alone would indicate.
Wouldn't it be interesting to know who the Guests actually are?!

Perhaps the Moderators could set more hares running and introduce some topics for debate, instead of just allowing subjects to come up naturally?

There is also a dearth of serious discussion - plenty of banter, a lot of abuse (which is fine and fun if you're up for a bit of gratuitous sex and violence...) but I for one would like to engage in some debate that engages my little grey cells. I am not averse to diverting my focus to knife some particularly irritating flea, but that is not what I come on this site for.

Mind you, post some more pictures of POD, and I might stay on a lot longer!  8)
Perhaps the Moderators could set more hares running and introduce some topics for debate, instead of just allowing subjects to come up naturally?

I am not adverse to that, Forces Sweethert does promote one topic a week in the Finance forum, and being a finacial journalist by profession she is well placed to do this. Part Time Pongo, again, instigates a number of threads in Current Affairs.

To an extent I do start things up here, though militarily I am quite focussed on my own environments of CSS and Avn, and the Int Cell is a generalist forum for rumours and news. Also, I think it comes down to the individual perception of the forum moderators. ROS keeps a watching brief on the Int Cell with me when I am not here, but I only perceive my role to be keeping the threads from going wildly of topic (i.e. slanging matches) or from preventing names or details from being mentioned which would compromise the integrity of the site. Because of some irresponsible postings in the JCSC forum students on that course are no longer able to view ARRSE using the networked PCs. We will have a long way to go to restore our credibility with the JCSC staff and instructors.

What would help raise the tone a bit would be for the senior officers who read this site, and i know there are quite a few (I have been informed that the AG used a slide in a powerpoint presentation which showed the home page of ARRSE in a briefing) to contribute to the debate. I can appreciate that there are some senior officers who may be wary of this site, but the realpolitik of the situation is simlpy that the WWW is here to stay and what surprises me is that a site like ARRSE didn't start sooner. If it is here to stay I would implore those of senior rank to engage in debate and not shy away from it. Anonymity is the absolut on this site and for as long as people use but not abuse it (and that is where we as moderators and administrators step in) then discussion, I hope, can only lead to more effective decision taking on a number of issues.
Hear hear - I suspect those senior officers make up a substantial number of our 'guests'.

Gentlemen (and the rare female senior officer), feel free to elucidate your views......if you're worried about having to deal with the diversionary tactics of MaSonic et al, I'm sure we can provide you with covering fire....


This is more like it.

Couldnt agree more with Wooperts views on Senior officers et al.  

What, I get the feeling, we want is more good quality debate and less slanging matches ( I am as guilty as anyone).

With todays news regarding deployment and mobilisation of reserves I am sure that we will get renewed interest in the site.

I wonder how many Journalists are guests?

Bad CO

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From GoodCO & my point of view, we are very pleased with the success that ARRSE is currently enjoying.  Ok the level of debate isn't all that we would like sometimes but, hey, that's why we have the NAAFI.  We are very, very pleased that ARRSE is being used to inform the higher echelons and hopefully they will see some of the serious issues that are raised here.  As always we make the offer that if anyone from 'on high' feels that the site is out of order or would like a specific issue raised (a poll maybe....) then please let us know...


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