Why does it take so long for an ex reg to get clearance from records?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gingersnaps, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I applied online back in early October 2010, attended an open evening at the end of October, submitted all my paper work including medical forms from my GP by mid November, passed the medical in December, passed the recruit selection weekend at the end of January and have been waiting for clearance from records ever since (2 months). The whole process has now taken 6 months and I still have no light at the end of the tunnel. I call up the recruiter every 2 weeks for an update and get "wait out" no news yet - "I know others who have waited longer" etc. So my question is why does it take so long for ex regs when those who have never done a days soldiering in thier lives can attest so much sooner?
  2. Largely because those involved don't give a **** about any of it. It won't be the case across the board but it seems a pretty common attitude.
  3. I've been gagging to get back into it but starting to feel demoralised by the "Hurry up and Wait" games. I fail to see how records can be so incompetent at returning a form / authorisation! Has anyone else had to wait long periods? If so was ther any particular reason?
  4. I walked through the door in the February and didn't get attested till the September. 6-8 weeks of that was due to a delay over a medical question but it still seemed a damned long time to me.
  5. Eight months Ex Stab! Thats ridiculous mate - god help us if theres a war on! Ohh......!

    To be honest it would be so bad if they could give me a time frame but the "could get a reply this week or next year" that I find hard to swallow.
  6. Unfortunately APC are very slow to move on this front and it has only gotten worse over the last 12 months as the number of staff dealing with applications was cut from approx 25 to 5. Added to this is the need for them to check not only your service record but also your med docs from your prior service (which needs to be done by a medical officer rather than the clerical staff due to confidentiality).

    In your case it sounds like your unit sent your AFB203 to APC in January and I would expect your unit to hear back from APC shortly. Having said that they should be chasing up APC regularly to see what is happening with your forms. If you have been out of the army less than 6 years and are under the age of 30 the forms can come back within two weeks (provided you were discharged at your own request) but this is the exception rather than the rule.

    The best advice is to sit tight, keep in touch with your unit regularly (as you have said you are) and in the meantime keep working on your fitness for when they ring you up to get you in. Good luck.
  7. Will do JD150! I've been banging the Phys out (50k+) per week in anticipation - just getting frustrated with the wait. I suppose having already served before I shouldnt be that suprised at having to hurry up and wait.
  8. although im out of the TA now when I went in to getting a phone call it took about 6 months, Id got to the point were id binned the idea of being in the TA then got a phone call and thought what the hell
  9. Sadly the answer is for TAs. How long does it take to join? Answer: How long is a piece of string?
  10. Insane, just insane. The whole system is just totally F*cked. The checks should take 30 seconds, new medical, job done.
  11. Saladin, I agree. Just another shining example of APC bureaucracy!
  12. I personaly think the worst part is that those with no previous military experience have a much shorter joining process than those who have served before. Perhaps a line should be drawn in the sand and anyone wishing to join who has been out for say 6+ years should just be treated as a new entry. After all you will have to do Phase 1 again! Under FR20 where getting regulars to commute to the TA on leaving regular service is to be encouraged keeping people waiting for up to a year seems rediculous!
  13. You could make a contrary argument that those who wish to leave the Regs and go straight to the TA should simply apply for a change of engagement effective the day of their last day of service thereby circumventing the entire TA recruiting process rather than discharging and rejoining.
  14. Go back 20 years and it was much the same.
    End of regular service as WO2 (RD), Stage IV/V qualified, straight to local TA Squadron to enlist. Three months down the line still being messed about by unit and no closer to getting a place, teddy out of pram and told them to stick it up their arse.
    Found out later their reason for delay was they assumed I would want to come in as their SSM and they had a TA SSgt lined up for the post. (Rightly so too I might add.)
    They couldn't have been more wrong, I just wanted something to do on weekends and a cheap place to drink on drill nights, I would have been happy as a Sgt, pity they didn't ask me what I wanted.
  15. Exactly - and vice-versa for TA soldiers applying for FTRS. One signature on an A4 page confirming that you accept a change in TOS for X years, well done son, start Monday.....