Why does everywhere charge extra for BFPO????

Just placed a order with Monstersupplements.com and yet again trying to charge for postage which would otherwise be free!!!!

Think it is time to shame all the companys who are making extra profit out of us serving abroad.

So far i have found boots also charge £6.50 for BFPO postage.
I use that post code, but its still a disgrace that company's charge extra for BFPO. But MILL HILL or what ever its called nowadays still need a kick up the ARRSE, i have had loads of parcels returned because MILL HILL don't except some couriers One being UPS surely thats one of the biggest in the country yet they wont except them pathetic. i could go on and on.
That is all. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
Perhaps the days of BFPO have had their day. Its been a hassle for bloody years, why cant we just have a post code?
boney_m said:
Perhaps the days of BFPO have had their day. Its been a hassle for bloody years, why cant we just have a post code?
Because then some fat loggie woulnd't be able to take great delight in telling you that you couldn't get your parcel through on Ops' or a parcel you ordered off the net can't be returned because it takes 6 weeks for you to get it?

This subject makes me so angry!

BFPO means, as you all know, British Forces Post Office.

You will all know that 'British Forces' are Her Majesty's Armed Forces. (Unless of course you adhere to the Bliarite belief that they were 'his' forces - can any of you even dream of 'signing up' to serve Bliar?

When I was young in my small town in east Wales people were proud that they had someone living in a BFPO address. It may have been Kenya, Libya, Aden, Malaya, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, British Guiana, Simonstown, bloody Washington - but, wherever - we were PROUD our troops 'were there'.

Now, thanks to the Guardianistas and the selfish Liarbour non-entities, we are ashamed and want to distance ourselves from the 'brutal soldiery'.

The current dishonest (45 minutes), disgraced (mandelson x 2) government is, little by little, destroying the entire fabric of the nation. The Post Office is one part of this destruction. It is therefore, no surprise that 'BFPO' comes into the frame as '...of little or no, relevance'.

When our gallant and peerless Armed Forces are humbled, let noboby forget that the fault will be that of this disgusting and ignoble administration 'led' by Brown in the name of the arch-spiv Bliar.
I'm currently working in a call centre for a large company whislt waiting for selection dates, and whenever i hear bfpo, the delivery charge gets waived manually by me. As i see it, it's unfair to put a huge charge on delivery for the people who are out there doing more good for this country than the fat dolite scum that rings up and gets away with a standard delivery charge.
I'm sure there must be a postie on here who can give you chapter & verse but as I understand the situation:

Companies offering 'free postage' pay the courier to deliver to the customer's address.
If the address is BFPO the courier only delivers to Mill Hill and then MoD are expected to pick up the bill for the rest of the delivery. This is why certain items are returned to the company from Mill Hill - the onward journey hasn't been paid for.

However, other companies are happy to sign a contract with Mill Hill/BFPO and pay the delivery charge to get the goods to the customer under their advertised 'free postage'.
Amazon don't charge extra, and allow free delivery, so why do Boots need to charge £6.50 and not do free delivery?

I thought the BFPO and the GPO were very much the same. On Ops and abroad the P&Cs do exactly the same job as the GPO, and are trained the same way. ie selling stamps and weighing parcels.

Surely when items reach Mill Hill, the MoD pick up the tab for the remainder of the journey?

Or Amazon do a roaring trade to BFPO addresses and thus waive the charge.
The BFPO website lists all the companies who have either

a. a contract with BFPO or
b. a contract with Parcelforce

I suggest you shop only at the listed companies (there are 100s) and look for alternatives to Boots, Monster supplements etc. (Muscle Finesse is one that I spotted on the list with a Parcelforce contract)


Knowing that a company is listed with BFPO will also make it easier to argue with the call centre bods when they haven't heard of BFPO!
In answer to your question Appollonia is basically correct.

About 10 years ago when the NAO audited Mill Hill it was discovered that Royal Mail et al were not paying MoD for the elm it charged the customer outside of the UK. NAO therefore directed that Mill Hill must bill the companies for this journey. If your package is sent using Royal Mail or Parcelforce for a parcel then there will be no problem because gets an elm of the postage you pay at the counter. If the company only uses a courier (no matter how large) which is paid only to Mill Hill then BFPO must set up a contract with the company for onward transmission. It is up to the company to decide whether it then wishes to pass on the charges to you (like Boots). Many do not, for example Amazon or Britannia. Some companies wont pay the contract price and hence they can not send mail to BFPO addresses. The BFPO website is very clear about who will send goods to BFPO addresses. If you are unsure then ring commercial receipts branch at Mill Hill.

Mill Hill do try and broaden the companies that have contracts, and the list has increased significantly ove the lastfew years. Be carefull about using the NW7 1PX postcode - this will end up in the uinit post room and depending who is working there (not military) it may be RTS because you are not at the unit. I know it has worked for some but it does not always.

Althoug I appreciate your frustration having experienced BFPO from both sides, please be aware that it not always the supplier overcharging.

A few years ago I was running a small mail order business, with products that had an appeal to members of the armed forces and tried diligently to get a sensible deal with BFPO.

I found them hopelessly out of date and difficult to deal with, disproportionally expensive and complex, wanting specific charges dependant on weight and distance for each single package and different weight breaks for each seperate BFPO address. BFPO wanted approximately 5 times the cost to get a package from Mill Hill to a BFPO address in Germany than the courier charges from my depot to Mill Hill.

They would not provide proof of delivery or any tracking scheme, no compensation, no assistance if anything went wrong. Over a three year period BFPO failed to deliver nearly a quarter of all my shipments. They would not return undeliverable packages nor allow them to be collected, they destroyed them or the contents mysteriously ended up with other people - in several cases I was expected to provide "warranty service" for items that had not been delivered to the purchaser, who had already recieved a full refund.

My business could not afford to absorb this level of cost, loss and leakage. I was left with no choice but to turn down business to BFPO addresses.

I sincerely hope things are a bit better now, but would not be surprised if they were not. It may be that other companies find they have to charge what it costs to deal with BFPO and their proceedures.

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