Why does everyone hate the Arty?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invictus_88, Nov 13, 2003.

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  1. Apparently everyone hates the Artillery. Is there a general reason which everyone holds or does everyone have their own little excuse?

    Personally they grind on my nerves because I live on the edge of Salisbury Plain and the AS90 shakes the drinks-cabinet downstairs, the flares reflect off the mirror into my room so I can't sleep, the tanks grumble-away in the background and GPMG rounds fire all the time. Most of it I can endure because it is not TOO loud but the AS90 and their light-guns are often set to an impact-zone a few kilometres away.

    It's reassuring to know that the army train 24/7 but i think it's cracking the walls of our house! 8O

    ...Has anyone got any reasons or explanations for the dislike of Artillery?

  2. Yeah, they bombed my chippy.
  3. So why does everyone else hate them?

    (Bad-aim eh? Apparently they once dropped one short in a cow's field, but that's nothing, the RAF dropped a concrete mock-bomb on one of the byways, pity to the poor chap who did that!)

  4. Whats your own little excuse ?

    Give us the GR and we'll do some thing about finishing the job
  5. Meet them and you'll know.

    They do get much better once they grow up though.
  6. They grow up? When? 8O
  7. What do they grow into?
  8. 8) Weapon envy
  9. :twisted: its your own sad fault for living near sailsbury plain would i be right in thinking when you moved there the estate agent told you the small matter of the area being home to the royal artillery and they make the odd bang now and again im sure you could find some mp who could complain to t bliar and g who about how each loud bang from an nasty costs the tax payer 3000 grand approx for the privilage of having there best china wobble :twisted:
  10. I think the last post was just fine..... now if you could apply that to the rest of the cowardly nation you'd be forever in our debt!
  11. so you'd rather an american diet of: Mcdonalds ,Burger king, etc etc :D :wink: