Why does British society still produce scum?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pashtun_Nationalis, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. I stumpled upon this screenshot between members of the British far right and some EDL elements on the topic of Malala Yousufzai.

    This screenshot exposes some of the scum that has plagued British society and the kind of people who claim to fight Islamism, but are really just doing it because they hate all non-white people.

    Even though they were told the real fact such as i.e her father is using his wage to help his daughter and also the fact that it was elements in the British military who advised to have her treated there for "gun wound" related injuries as it is highly respected....yet they still resort to racist-type comments.

    Please visit the link to see a close up of the comments


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  2. I'm sorry old chap but we don't listen to brown folk. Now run along and put the kettle on, that's a good fellow.

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  3. Shit Wind Up Sunday was yesterday, you sockpuppet cunt.
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  4. I thought Jaffa Cakes were a 'Cake'.......
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  5. PN: for God's sake change the record!
  6. Negligent-Discharge

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    I like that herb called bananas...
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    Are brown people allowed on here?
  8. I think someone should explain to me in extreme pedantic detail why exactly Jaffa Cakes don't count as biscuits.
  9. Bit rich of the OP to be slagging off others for their blinkered and short sighted views when all he ever does isslag off Pakistan and any other flavour of Islam than his own.

    If he doesn't like what's on that website then don't fucking read it.

    The balding, scruffy, boy touching set of wazz flaps.
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