Why does Blair keep hiding like a rat in a drainpipe?


Whenever the shiit hit’s the fan Tony Blair goes to ground. As Lebanon was being bombed he hid himself away with nothing to say.
As Saddam ‘the old age pensioner’ was hanged and the west showed to the world what true democracy is- Blair laughed in the sun.
As one immigrant enters Britain every minute Blair is nowhere to be seen and has nothing to say.
As three hundred Iraqis die every day, Blair has nothing to say and is rarely seen.
In fact he behaves as if someone else is to blame for the chaos in Iraq. He always has that look on his face that says It wasn’t me honest. Yet it was him and he should be there on the world stage pleading his case.
Because that is his job-to lead the nation, not to hide away.

It is as if we have ‘no leader‘-just some bloke who could not give a damn any more. Almost a fck you all attitude. Yet aren’t we all sacrificing all that Britain has gained over the years-justice, freedom, moral intervention, and most of all a great deal of respect from other countries around the world. Respect that has been earned through other peoples blood and toil-not his.
So why then do we offer Blair it all on his big fat round plate, to mess with, weaken and possibly destroy then he can just walk away. Why did we allow him to risk it all to follow a plan that many intelligent well informed people say was based on lies.

The problems do not go away if we as a nation join Tony and ignore them all. Tony Blair will soon go and not return. We must make sure that there is something left after his ‘mother of all parties has ended‘.
It has been reported today by the BBC that senior American politicians may well block further funding for the Iraq war. Screwing George Bushes plans of increased troop numbers. We could only hope that the powers that be in Great Britain have still got the gonads to do something similar to tame the ‘devil may care Blair‘.

Margaret Thatcher would never have bowed to peer pressure-it just shows the true mark of the man who does not lead us-he just hides from his mistakes like a naughty teenager. Yet humans are dying and he is responsible- of that there is no doubt. If he were a serial killer he would have been halted by now so why then is he allowed to use the tools at his disposal to continue his very own reign of terror.
Oh yes I remember he still has a tired old democratic dream-and he keeps it alive by hanging pensioners.
Tough choices for tough leaders indeed.
because he can, and because he's had 10 years practice at it.

if it looks like a rat, smells like a rat and acts like a rat, chances are it is a rat or a bliar
EAGLE1 said:

Why does Blair keep hiding like a rat in a drainpipe?

a) Because he is.

b) Because he's trying to feck things up and leave Brown with a suitable inheritance. Note the change of his language in recent weeks. By 'admitting' that Iraq was 'disasterous' he leaves Brown with a war that's already been labeled as such.
This has been covered on ARRSE before regarding our politicians and their credentials to making decision in time of war. Generally it was deemed that a military background was a strong advantage.

So maybe if every aspiring MP was to spend 6 months at Sandhurst he/she might have found a spine and learn that life is not all local level handouts and back slapping beyong Uni. Other than wishy washy politics what had Bliar achieved with his young life that qualifed him to take his country to war. Had he not won the general election in '97 things would have been so different. Ame goes for Bush. His first term win was closer than close. Do you remember the vote recopunt and shinnanigans at the time?

There can be a fine line between coming to power and being a distanct second and a fine line beween peace and war.
Because hes a nob of the highest class, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in a locked room with a book on how to knit with no needles and bradshaw.
Arh, now you're talking Chuzo,
I know this is off thread but what did happen to young Bradshaw?

You don't suppose he could of lost his way back to barracks and is now playing drums as badly as ringo in a studio in Florida with the Bee Gees and Blair do you?
Blair lacks the moral courage of an elderly, transgender, albino, lady-boy sex-worker...
On behalf of all transgender,ladyboy,albino sex workers may I say how much we hate being associated in any way shape or form with drainpipe living Blair. Some people have standards you know. Rather be called Gunner than Blair!!
mushroom said:
On behalf of all transgender,ladyboy,albino sex workers may I say how much we hate being associated in any way shape or form with drainpipe living Blair. Some people have standards you know. Rather be called Gunner than Blair!!
I do apologise. Perhaps you might now apologise to I and my fellow gunners...
I think it is because he is a very clever man who nows that if he is present and available during "difficult" periods then he has to step up and be seen to be responsible. However is he is "away" on world busniess, holiday or some compelling third world tour then he can allow others (Reid, Brown or the ever eloquent Prescott) the chance to take the flak. It alos allows him the excuse tto be portrayed as busy and therefore important. Of course he is both and doesn't need to be off doing stuff when UK troops are fighting battles he started whilst their homeland is being overun by immigrants, as house prices surge into the stratosphere.
Me Sir? Bitter Sir? No Sir?
Because if you stay quiet it will go away, as your Cabinet takes the flack the load is spread. Or there is the American Way: Deny everything, then 6 months later admit to some of the truth, then another 6 months later all of it, by which time everyone's stopped caring and there are new things to worry about. Can't fault it strategically.
mushroom said:
Cheap shot Cuddles - I apologise without reservation. Hells teeth some of my best friends are Gunners.
Fair is fair mushroom, I honestly didn't think that there were that many transgender, albino, lady boy,sex workers posting on here these days. Apart from the adverts obviously...
Because his incompetence has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands and hes probalbly ashamed, if he is capable of such a feeling.

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