Why does Blair hate Britain so much?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cabana, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6718235.stm

    Blair now wants to give 1 million to train Imans in the UK. How about giving this money to help the disabled, elderly, the NHS etc etc. Is Blair a closet muslim? Why should my taxes go to training Imans in the UK?
    This guy is off his rocker, the sooner he is shot the better.
  2. Train peaceful Immans (apelling?) to prevent extremist ones from taking over. Good idea if you ask me.
  3. In principal I see your point, but would they have any credibility in their own communities?
  4. Does Tone have any credability in any community??
  5. He does it to get people squabbling between each other. Throw into the pot something 'controversial', give it a good stir, and serve by the ladle. Job done. A million quid is next to nothing. It's meaningless really. It could be done as a poke in the eye to G Brown, but in the end, will make it easier for his successor to divide us, and force through even more repressive anti-people policies.

    Simple innit?
  6. Because he went to a "smart" Public School: the single biggest source of traitorous curs & unprincipled, self-serving, lickspittles in the our nation. Of course, they're not all bad - and some are outstandingly good - but Blair is an all too familiar specimin of a certain "type" of "Public School Man", and wherever these individuals end up they invariably do huge damage

    Said back in May 1997 that Blair's school background didn't augur well - and look what happened!

  7. I have to agree with you here, bliar is a expert in one thing and one thing only divide and rule by the smoke and mirrors of soundbite and spin.

    And your decription of him is correct apart from his sociapathic bent.
  8. I don't recall agreeing with Frenchperson over anything much to date but he's bang on with that.
  9. It is not the business of a secular government to be financing the training of agents of any religious belief.
    Spot on about the 'public school type' wessex man.
  10. I must draw Cabana's attention to the title of the thread , he has it the words in the wrong order .... it should read
    Why does Britain hate Blair so much
  11. No I think he got the words right, Bliar does hate Britain - it's just the feeling is completely mutual.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bliar is an infamous public school product, as was Philby.
  13. Sorry QMAN I stand corrected , you are right
  14. I think the answer to the question posed in the title is because he is not 'head' of Britain, he never has been 'head' of Britain and, thanks be to God, he never will be 'head' of Britain.

    He is, and has been, a dishonest, dissembling, disgraced, opportunist 'spiv' - more 'pop-star' than politician and an abhorrent aberration that this nation will regret for a generation or more.
  15. "High Treason, being an offence committed against the duty of allegiance, it may be proper to consider from whom and to whom allegiance is due. With regard to natural born subjects, there can be no doubt. They owe allegiance to the Crown at all times and in all places natural allegiance is founded on the relation every man standeth in to the Crown considered as the head of that society whereof he is born a member the duty of allegiance ariseth out of it and is inseparably connected with it."

    "The subjects of the Queen owe her allegiance".

    Blair is guilty of Treason.

    Thats why we hate him.