Why does Barry Scott not just "Go Away"...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lympstone_Mud_Warbler, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Well it had to happen. Mrs LMW was watching Emmerdale, which is aggravating beyond reason in it’s own right. After a particularly nasty scene where a triangle of the bad-acting Strumpets in that series were having a slanging match, I was looking forward to the welcome of the adverts as an alternative to slashing my wrists, or taking a trip to nearby Beachy Head.

    The first advert to pop up on the screen was that awful Cnut Barry Scot from the Cillit Bang adverts. Unfortunately for the human race he is back with vengeance, with a side kick “Annoying Fecking Housewife Woman” In a whole new advert - Drivel.

    I have been warned regularly by Mrs LMW for shouting at the telly, but today I managed to shout “Twats” so loud at the TV that it caused the cat to leap up off of the misuses lap and climb up her face with it’s claws. So, I am in the shite again.

    If there is anybody that shares my hate for Barry Scott and his pink bottled cleaning piss, his annoying “please punch me face” and fake smile. Please express yourselves here. Hopefully he might read this and feck off back to where he came from – obscurity. Or just die.

    'Cause he grips my shit.
  2. Bah! Censored - replace "****" with Tw@t!

    But you get the drift.
  3. Is this him then...??


    Seems OK to me..
  4. That's him. The annoying cnut in person. He needs introducing to the business end of a pump action shotgun.
  5. LMW,

    Your'e badly wrong on this one..

    That is ACE.... Barry rocks...



    LOOK WHAT IT DID TO A PENNY...........


    BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG..............
  6. It stinks as well that stuff, really strong sulphur smell god knows what its got in it.

  7. That will be the sound of that pump action then. :p
  8. Having just read out the messages to my Lord and Master.. he said he would Cillit Bang his A**E if it comes on the TV again.....