Why does an ex-RM Commando Paul Farthing feel it's important his staff should be evacuated?


Too seriously :)
He estimates that the U.K. only managed to help 5% of an estimated 150,000 people asking for help.
And, says this after the U.K. evacuated 15,000 people.

Well there was all those people waving badly photocopied sheets of paper to prove they had the right to travel at the main gate.

Point is of all those people Farthing actually didn't have to do anything never mind the feet stamping tantrums.
He would probably have been a bigger hero to his fans if he'd stayed behind to look after his pets and fans


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I am still mildly irritated, at the level of rustling my broadsheet, of all the 'We let down the people who supported us' rhetoric.

It is 'their' country, and those people were happy to be very well rewarded at the time. I'm still not convinced we had any responsibility to exfil them when it all went to sh1t.


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As discussed in excruciating detail in the Afghan thread, how can you fight when you can't operate maintain and support your own equipment? Despite all the billions of materiel provided to the ANA, the US awarded all the maintenance and support contracts to its own corporations, so no Afghan Air Mechs, no Afghan Spanner Monkeys, bugger all in the way of techs of any sort, they could not sustain themselves.

And as for not fighting the ANA and ANP suffered horrendous losses across the conflict. Almost 10 times higher than the combined total of NATO and outside contractors. (67-70,000 killed, compared to 3,500+ NATO & 4,000 Contractors)

They may have suffered higher losses, but that's only because from having watched them first hand during contact, they showed absolutely zero ******* common sense, training or a willingness to dodge bullets. Allah wills it has a lot to answer for and the death toll should in my opinion be balanced against the fact they didn't give a **** about death. I remember watching one of them stabbing at an IED with his knife for fucksake as he tried to dig it out and we're all shouting at him to stop it.

Every time I watch the footage of that man falling from the C-17 as it takes off, I think, "Joe, you cnut. This is your Saigon moment with helicopters leaving the roof of the US Embassy, except this time it was USAF C-17s. You'll be forever remembered for that." (And then I wonder why it wasn't Biden falling from that plane?)

No-one's saying the withdraw wasn't a total ******* cluster, but I don't blame anyone other than the silly cnuts who decided to hang on to the side of a plane. All fighting aged males, loyalty non-existent and abandoning families to save their own skins. Ah yes, that's the Afghan I knew.

On a side note, all the hullabaloo over 'terps being brought back. It's worth remembering that these people weren't all some saintly angels who helped us in our time of need. Often when they were translating to the village elder or whoever's house or field you'd just fucked up, they would be clearly making their own personal demands on them. At one point we figured out that ours was in effect telling these people he was in charge and taking a percentage of the money we used to give as damage payments on the ground, after we'd turned our backs.

We only found out as we got another 'terp put in with his who was a British citizen, worked in the City and came back over to do his duty and also as it would get permission from the father of his girlfriend to marry her (also an Afghan national). He promptly burst this guy to the OC as being a dodgy bastard.

My sympathy is limited.
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