Why do you want to join the British Army as an Officer?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by OCS001, May 12, 2009.

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  1. This is for those that are going through the selection process at the moment, although those that have been through it are welcome to comment on what they said.
    I'm not sure whether this has been covered before but here goes:

    In my interview the ACA said that when you go to AOSB, you will get asked 2 questions.

    1) Why do you want to join the army as an Officer?


    2) What you can bring to the army?

    After reeling off my answers to these questions, I started thinking about what others said?

    My answers;
    1) Stable job, the adventure, sense of purpose, the variety in the work, test myself under the most intense situations and provide a service to my country.

    2) A confident, determined, focused, passionate, respectful and trustworthy mature person. Feel like a walt now having said that but oh well.
  2. Well, just posted this in the Regular Recruiting version of this thread but...

    Oh, and I'd suggest that any POs think hard about their own reasons for joining....our Group Commander seemed quite good at looking through people.

    Joining because:

    1. You actually have an impact on the lives and careers of your men, and can do your best for them (as opposed to shuffling other peoples' money around....sorry parents, not planning to work in a bank).
    2. You're doing something worthwhile in a more general sense (insert comments on my naivety here...).
    3. Lots of options for personal development, whether degrees, adventurous training, or just in personality and character.
    4. A reputation for the personnel being of high integrity (again, possibly naive).
    5. People in the forces seem to have generally enjoyed it and have come out of it as people I find myself looking up to (somewhat limited experience here, mostly from father's colleagues/friends' parents/godparents around Brig/Navy Capt to R-Admiral/Air-Comm level so rather distant from days on the ground).
    6. The job looks interesting (hopefully armoured recce troop commander, although Int Corps could be interesting).
    7. Pay is, if not incredible, at least satisfactory especially when you factor in low rent/food costs.

    Can bring/I have/I am:
    1. Intelligence (according my psych evaluation anyway)
    2. Clear moral compass
    3. Not a psychopath
    4. Trustworthy, interested in the job
    5. Calm and collected when stressed/under pressure (we'll see how far that goes when/if I make it into the Factory)
  3. 1.) I want to join the Army itself because I want to serve my country. The opportunity put at my feet from birth has been practically unparalelled and I would like to do what I can to ensure the provision of that opportunity for others. I'd like to try and join as an officer as a test of my own abilities. It won't be off to Uni for me if I do poorly at AOSB, I plan on trying to join the Armed Forces at whatever level untill they tell me to F*** off.

    2.) I'm a committed, loyal person and I pick things up quickly. Hopefully I have an aptitude for leadership, obvious AOSB is a better determiner of this than me.
  4. My answer was "it is this or prison" and got a chuckle.

    It is even commented on in my RCB report, that I got by writing to Westbury and asking for. What fun reading that was, how I didn't get Rowco I dont know with all those failings! Fcuk knows how bad the others were who did get Rowco!

    edited for spelling, which was also commented on!
  5. On another note do the RCB bods now speak in a Chinese accent?

    WHY you want.......... rather than....... Why do you want?
  6. hi guys, i have an initial interview with the ACA on Thursday, what can i expect to take place in this?
  7. Yes its to spot racists if you laugh then you fail.
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    There is no stock answer here. If you are honest with yourself you will find the reason why you aspire to service as an officer.

    This is not something that you pull out of a textbook. The assessing officers will see through people that think they can run off a line.

    Have a good think why and you will find your answer. Good Luck.
  9. Had a similar experience after I put "Wine, Women and Song" in the 'Cultural Pursuits' box on the application form. Cue lots of interviews with every member of the DS, including the Brig, all of whom enjoyed my feeble attempts at explaining it away. Still, did the trick and had the virtue of being truthful...
  10. At my first interview I was with 2 other lads and we sat round a table with the ACA and he explained
    1) What happens before Sandhurst (so all about briefing, main board and the familiarisation visits)
    2)Sandhurst (explains about what its like and what happens)
    3) After Sandhurst (what happens once you have your commission).

    Then we had a interview with the ACA seperately. (In this he asked the two questions from above, asked me questions on current affairs, did a few mental maths questions (eg. how long would it take to travel 40 miles at 18mph)
    Then I was asked which 3 areas of the army I wanted to join if possible. Then looked at a chart with briefing dates on and asked to select one.

    Then your given a DVD about officer selection and thats it.

    Good Luck Mate.
  11. Thanks mate, that's pretty much what I expected. I will need to brush up on my maths tomorrow though, haven't done that sort of thing for five years!
  12. haha yeah would be worth doing, remember to remain calm as well. There is more pressure when answering the maths in the interview
  13. So I had my interview today, and it went swimmingly. This was my first contact with the army and I have to say the people are bloody brilliant, I felt that I fitted right in. Only downside was that I was there for five hours because my surname is so far down the bloody alphabet!
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    But not because you are Welsh? :wink:

    Seriously though - good luck on progressing to the next stage.
  15. What is the ACA?