Why do you think yanks post here?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ghost_us, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I'm just curious. I've read many posts here. I truly value an outside view of my country and the world with the closest country I can relate to. I have family roots that trace to Wales and that may be part of it.

    I enjoy reading views of the US for good or for bad and I try not to take negative comments personally. After all, I am the foreigner here. Although I do often see a lot of 1 sentence replies that offer neither insight or perspective but are simply to flame or troll.

    In addition to that, I have served 14 years in the US military so tend to be at home with military groups and understand the thinking.

    I'm curious why you all think that many Americans come here to read and post on your forums.
  2. Because they're all ex-SF / combat vets / snipers and its just natural progression, I presume, to want to bother brits about it.
  3. I don't know the answer to your question, but I do know you are one of the Chosen Few - you have Welsh roots !! Lucky, lucky you. It is truly God's Country - have you been to visit it yet ?
  4. Because we have cutting wit and repartee!
  5. Possibly because under all the banter a lot of sense is talked.
  6. I have a 7 month old son. I plan to take him there as soon as he is old enough. I hear it's a beautiful place.

    I think the area my relatives are from is Knighton (sp?). It's tough as an American you really have no sense of "self". You're pretty much a little bit of everything and usually all of nothing except American.
  7. Knighton, right next door to Shropshire, another one of Gods own countries and yes you'll love it, Don't talk about it, visit it.

  8. Because they enjoy being abused by ignorant mongs who know fcuk all about fcuk all. Also occasionally they get to exchange views with somebody who knows what they are talking about.

    But mainly its to allow the good points of their character and Nation to be thrown into sharp relief by some slobbering ‘Amerika is Evil’, Islamofascists apologist, whose ancestors were not allowed on to the Mayflower being obvious genetic cul-de-sacs.

    The UK having exported the majority of its most successful bloodlines now has to rely on these creatures to fill in the gaps; occasionally they get a real treat of being entertained by a nice foreign Gentleman with impeccable anti Amerikan credentials and the whole thing is filmed for TV!


    God save the Queen!
  9. Because on the whole the American like and repect us though our common heritege, The also i think like our sense of humour and our opinoins!

    Most yanks like most brits are ok type of folks, But ARRSE has and does attract some yanks who realy are not a great advert for the states! These can bring out the worst in us also.

    i think that most Arrser's Know also that the American Goverment represnts the views of the people about as much as Bliar does for us.

    perhaps we can get togother and have TB and GWB both shipped off to China? lets let them suffer for a bit!
  10. Well that was a balanced opinion.
  11. Well Armchair it cuts both ways too im sure if i bothered too post on some American forums i would have to endure some English hate mail telling me how i starved the Irish, persecuted the Scots, stole the sheep from the welsh, espically the one with the pretty eye's

    not to mention how if it wasnt for the yanks i would be speaking german!

    QED there are chods everywhere.!!!!!!
  12. Well balanced it may not be but it was almost a considered one. And it does NOT apply to any of the Celtic Nations, if Ghost_us has Welsh roots then he has a magnificent bedrock for his family to build on.
  13. Bah, most of the anti american stuff is just light-hearted banter or venom aimed at the odd american cretin/troll who rocks up. Watch, we can - and are - just as vicious to/about our own. 8)
  14. septics, you gotta love the crazy little colonials, individually they are great human beings, collectivly, ARGHH!!! and I do think they are a little too arragant, with a touch of a cavalier attitude towards there conduct in iraq/afganistan/anywhere they're deployed, In iraq they are making all the mistakes that the british army made in northern ireland in the early days and although the british sector of iraq is perhaps not as volitile as the american one, I firmly believe that the shoot, smile, shoot policy of the british has gone a long way to us being able to pull out sooner than our colonial cousins.

    I would be interested in Ghost_us' opinion on this
  15. So you have welsh roots what part of wales did your family come from .
    Wales is a lovely place