Why do you think the elections in Iraq were so calm?

Why do you think the elections in Iraq were so calm?

  • The insurgency now is too weak

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  • Because of effective security measures

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  • The insurgents decided to avoid innocent victims

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  • The insurgents decided that the political porcess is in their interests too

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I think a lot of it is due to the massive security operation; but you can't maintain that level of "lockdown" with a curfew, borders and ports shut, no vehicles permitted to move for more than a couple of days, as folk have to work and need to eat. Once it's relaxed, it'll be normal service again...like the last Iraqi election.
Yes it was suprisingly quiet, but the security operation was huge. I suggest that we wait and see what happens when the results are published on Christmas Day. That is likely to provoke a reaction.
Escape-from-PPRuNe said:
Jesus, they pick their times...
So did He.....imagine being born on Christmas day........He might have waited.
Micky_Dees said:
Escape-from-PPRuNe said:
Jesus, they pick their times...
So did He.....imagine being born on Christmas day........He might have waited.
He wasn't:
So, if you have followed the above reasoning, based on the scriptural evidence, a case can apparently be made that Jesus Christ was born on the 15th day of the month of Tishri, on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which corresponds to the September - October timeframe of our present calendar!
Is December 25 really the day Jesus was born?
No one really knows. What is known is that Christian leaders in 336 A.D. set the date to December 25 in an attempt to eclipse a popular pagan holiday in Rome (Saturnalia) that celebrated the winter solstice. Originally, the celebration of Christmas involved a simple mass, but over time Christmas has replaced a number of other holidays in many other countries, and a large number of traditions have been absorbed into the celebration in the process (as we will see in later sections).
Because they're all doing their Christmas shopping?

The idea that terrorists/insurgents/whatever have a "democracy-terrorism" switch is rather naiive. If it suits them, they will vote and bomb - as the Republicans did, with their call to "vote early and vote often".
Mogadon in the water supply.

After you with the Bacofoil......
Well if Slim John wuz a terro intent on destruction of Bush's regime. I'd go quite, pretend I wuz dead and beatten, and recruit and train for that day when all the Infidels have gone home.
Then mayhem. None of this current Mr. Nice Guy, stacks of throat slitting of colabarators and I'd even dig up much luved leader and start a cult of personality for the Hrab Defender of the Faith brutally Slain by the Sons of Saten's Crusaders.
It's probably that the first two elections were viewed by the Sunnis as dealing with US collaboration, whereas this election is to decide who's is going to run the country over a longer period. They feel that they have to have more of a say and they can only do that by turning up and voting.
If the newly elected Iraqi govt tells all foreign forces to leave PDQ then there's no need for the insurgents to go and and get killed, hence it's in their interests to vote. If they don't like the result they can always keep shooting.
Manchester_Rogue said:
I'll go for option 5: "They overslept and missed the whole thing"
It is within the option #1 - They are too weak now.
i work in the G2 cell in the south of the county, and even we dont know why the elections were so quiet.
may be its because of the cerfews but the general consencus here is that the insurgents are waiting for the results to be processed.

dont get a bag on, get a mag on and stag on
they've got two hopes, lord_wentworth. Not a lot for them to see either as we've got about as much int as a handbag full of slighly stupid amobea's.

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