Why do you people seem obsessed with busting Walts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sikenward, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. All rather childish methinks :lol:

    The irony of seeing all the self appointed guardians of the barrack block flame trying to win brownie points by posting links to stories about people who have allegedly never served in the Army is rather amusing.

    The sad fact of life is that there will always be many many people who claim to be something they are not in the Army.

    If everyone I worked with was really 'ex Sass' (spelled as they all seem to say it) or 'Only failed junior Brecon because I had to amputate my own foot' then the Regiment must have had more members than I ever remember.

    So what if these people want to live life in a fantasy world?

    Its all fine and dandy you all being obsessed with exposing Walts from the comfort of your own homes via a forum on a website, my advice to anyone wanting to hear REAL tales of 'Waltism' is to visit any NAAFI at about 1005 on any weekday and listen to the bull$hit being bandied around by some of the people on NAAFI break :lol:

    Reading some of the lengths people go to on here to try and go one better than the next person to expose evidence of 'Waltism' is frankly quite embarrassing.

    You people are obsessed!

  2. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Because they think it'll make the big boys and girls like them more and improve their self-worth.
  3. Agreed. This place is full of people with dubious credentials and most seem to think it gives them credibility if they 'out' a 'walt'. Arrse is the biggest collection of hangers-on on the net ffs. Its nowt more than a social networking site with a newsfeed to those who feel the need to be 'connected'. Keeps them off the street if nothing else.
  4. Most of the people on here are walts!
  5. I would suggest that if you have struggled to gain a qualification which sets you apart from others. That you don't wish to see that qualification devalued or debased by false claims.
  6. A Walt outing Walt?
  7. I tried to walts once, but then opted for the Tango, as it suited my natural rhythm better.
  8. And while we're at it, the rabid poppy zealots and remembrance fascists are really getting on my tits too.
  9. I don't understand it either. They could be doing much worse things than pretending to be who/whatever.

    I couldn't care less if people pretend to be ex forces. It gives me something to muse over if nothing else.

    Isn't imitation the greatest form of flattery, or something like that?
  10. The thing is,that those of us who were actually on The Balcony and know the colour of The Boathouse,get a little miffed about those who are just pretending to have been there.
  11. Lets be honest.

    We have all seen them.

    It's so easy to spot them.

    And they provide hours of endless entertainment.
  12. And the 'Where were you on Rememberance Day?' posters!

    Who cares so long as you where quiet for the 2 minutes of silence.
  13. "Why do you people seem obsessed with busting Walts?"

    People have to have a hobby!
  14. :roll:
  15. Some walts are more harmless than others.