Why do you do it?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by angular, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. When I joined the TA in '87, I was filled with an idealistic desire to learn how to defend my family and country against the Red Horde. I was just going to do 3 years, then PUFO, but I liked it and stayed on till John Major decided he didn't need me any more. I would only ever have gone to war:

    1. as part of a complete unit, i.e. all of my company, or none of it;
    2. fighting alongside the blokes I had trained with;
    3. in a defensive war of national survival.

    None of these now seems to apply. When the world was like that, I could put up with having no pension, no guaranteed job when I came back, and no extra time off from my employer for training.

    Now I just can't understand why anyone would join the TA. If you don't want to learn how to fight, why bother, and if you do, why not join the Regs, and go to the sandpit with all your mates?

    God knows,I'm not having a go, I'm just genuinely confused why you do it, and would like some enlightenment. :thumright:
  2. Well, in my personal circumstances are as follows..

    Ex Reg, been there done that. Now married with a nice house, good job, nice wage but still this burning desire to be involved and to serve. So why can't I have it all? For me the TA is perfect, just now have to get past the medical :s
  3. Well I have been in since 1987 and I would not go back to those days. Nowadays the TA is used on ops, which has caused acceptance. If you join now the rule is that you should be prepared to go on an operational tour once in the next five years. If you don't want to do that, don't join. Suits me sir, and seems fair enough.
  4. Hasn't it been proved that having a bounty every year is better than a pension?
  5. We wont both and if some lesbian albanian refugee has to go without to fund it so much the better :frustrated: .
    Because it fun,Cos you got to go to the sandpit with your mates .
  6. The voices made me do it.......

    Now they wont let me stop.
  7. I do it out of some bizarre self loathing...

    And yeah, bounty is muchos better than having a pension. So lets not go there anymore, eh?

  8. i joined the TA in 1998 because i was bored out of my mind with my mundane humdrum life. i was bored out of my mind of repetitive weeks of doing the same old thing where the conversations on a monday morning consisted of how pissed you'd got on the friday and saturday nights.

    i was too old to join the regulars so felt the TA were an acceptable alternative.

    i was searching for something but didnt know what, some elusive goals that had been lacking for some time in my normal life. i needed an escape from the extremely pc working life i had somehow slipped into as a civi.

    i was fed up of our society, which was in my view, emasculating British men. i felt that soldiering was the last bastion of masculinity in which we could be what nature intended rather than what our wishy washy liberal pc do gooding know nothing political halfwits want us to be.

    Yugoslavia was in meltdown and the media was bombarding us with images that were supposed to pull on our heartstrings. it only served to make me angry and i wanted to be able to stop that kind of thing happening. i wanted to be able to fight. i thought if i joined the TA i would be trained to a level so that i could fight alongside our regular infantry. it didnt quite meet my expectations at that time.

    now in 2007 i have completed a tour of afghanistan and 2 tours of iraq. i can expect another one in 3 years time.

    what keeps me in? i need the camaraderie, the sense of belonging, i enjoy being part of an ancient tradition of soldiering. i love the sense of sheer pride i experience when i put the uniform on. i enjoy my patriotism my sense of duty and responsibility. i enjoy the sense of ownership i have gained from putting my life on the line for my country.

    i have gained all those things i didnt even know about 9 years ago. i have gained new perspectives on life and matured in many ways. i have a renewed faith in the youth of today that our home media cannot dispel having seen and worked alongside them in extremely harsh circimstances.

    in short :yawnstretch: (cos i am aware i have been going on a bit) i have gained and am still getting a lot more than i am putting in

    ok done now. time for another beer
  9. Yeah, see that's where I fall down.

    You haven't met my wife, have you? Getting her to accept the TA is hard enough. Plus, with little kids at home a modicum of control over where I have to sleep from one night to the next is valuable.

    The TA is a good compromise for me, and for the Army (why would they want to employ me full time when they can just employ me when they need me?).

  10. Left the regs, missed it, joined the TA and now going back. You ask me why. I have no idea i just enjoy it and it has never done me any harm, well...... if you don't count my liver.
  11. Fusilier50 I salute you.

    They ought to get you on the TA adverts rather than more pictures of people gliding, skiing and doing CFTs in a goretex.

  12. Old TA:

    Red hoardes threatening to advance over the Urals, so join a half supported force to do half a job, with half the resources but a lot of goodwill and long serving loyalty. This breeds comraderie, experience, and a self momentum within units. Well recruited. Rarely, if ever, to serve with the Regulars unless on special 'S' type. Regulars rarely engaged other than training PSIs. Territorial with a big 'T'

    New TA:

    Regular Army now half the size, and needs TA (never thought it would). TA soldiers do their bit but not enough as regular force continues to be under pressure. Generate new TA thats willing to mobilise on demand, so revise all training packages to align with regular model - thus easing transfer in and out. Still with half the resources. Territorial with a little 't'.

    The issue is that the old and the new attract different people so, in time, the TA will be different as the old move on and the new populate the system. The big questions are:

    1. what happens when there are no operational deployments?
    2. will the new TA hang on long enough to fill the senior posts and thus create continuity?
    3. will the regulars take more control and erase the TA ethos completely.

    Thuderbirds are Go!
  13. for me personaly i was in the ta years ago and loved it but due to work commitments were i was working every weekend and always asking for time of the others got realy pissed with it and the usuall gripe if he has it why cant we i was forced to choose realy and made the wrong decision
    so now i have decided to rejoin
    i dont think there is any other organisation outside the forces that offer so much
  14. Good point about being free to invest the bounty in a pension if you want. Mine used to go into the mortgage, but I never thought about putting it into a pension. I suppose it's alright having the freedom to do that, but what if you haven't got the brains :donut:
  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    1. what happens when there are no operational deployments? There will be peace on Earth? OK mobilisation will go, but I think an FTRS culture will replace it. Prior to 2001, weren't many TA soldiers engaged thus in the Balkans?

    2. will the new TA hang on long enough to fill the senior posts and thus create continuity? People here always harp on about the possibility of TA soldiers joining only to be mobilised, get hacked off and leave. I've seen the reverse, i.e. blokes who just joined for a bit of adventure with no long term plans other than perhaps joining the Regulars after a couple of years in the Stabs, but after a tour they get bitten by the TA bug and decide to stick around. I don't think filling Senior posts will ever be a problem in the TA.

    3. will the regulars take more control Yeah, probably. Is this a bad thing? Only if done clumsily. On the plus side it could open up the Army's big wide world of 'courses and resources' to TA soldiers.

    erase the TA ethos completely. Not really sure what people mean by TA ethos. Not trying to be a clever dick, but how does it differ from the 'Army Ethos'?