Why do you all hate Tropper?

I know why I hate him, and he knows it.

He invented everything, and was there 10 mins before you were.


Runs off muttering about Carole King........


It's not an excuse. It's a reason. But since you're a drippy Doris I doubt you'd catch the distinction.
I like him.

Well, apart from the Welsh bit.

He's been places I haven't been and done things that I haven't, so I could learn a lot from him.
This site has seen worse; Tropper can stay if only for amusement value. I enjoyed the "difference of opinion" between him and Flashy.
I l.ike him. He's the father I never knew. Or so he says.
I likes tropper. He makes oi larf :nod:


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We all know a "Tropper" he's ace, he'll tell you stories (usually in a pub) you won't believe most of it, but that's not the point he'll be good company and while away the hours.

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