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Why do women fall for guys in the Army?

MDN I think this one is looking for you.
We are all veritable Gods, don't you know.

Worked for me.........
Hmm - lets see now:

1. Joined date of 29 May 08.......why, that's today, is'nt it? Check

2. Totally knobthroat posting: Check.

3. User name of 'Beastmistress': Check.

Good grief - I think it could be a bored Arrser who is starting his weekend early!
Better than going out on the pull with garlic breath.


Book Reviewer
Can we have a cookery forum now?
They fell for me because I am handsome, intelligent, brave, suave, gallant, wealthy and an accomplished liar.

Really, it was because I am Welsh!
I can't divulge......you'd need to try it really :) I'm out in Salisbury tonight if you're around?

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