Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by old_bloke, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. Always wondered why the Sigs think they are infantry at least twice a year?

    Oh yet another battlecamp. lets guess, bit of running , bit of NBC, bit of field firing.I know lets end it with a march and shoot , thats original. Getting taught the same tactics by the same sad old Trg Wing wannabees .

    Why is it that they only ever do triangular patrol harbours?.

    Always showing how good they are but never seen them actualy doing it.

    There are some good ones ex 5Ab /booties but all the rest are sad gits.
    Try to think of something original chaps, keep the lads interested.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. MSR

    Yes seen it and done it - funny its a TA "keep them interested" unit.

    What is always the same is the Trg Wing wallas doing the same plan every year. Ok add in a bit of OBUA for half a day then back to the same old plan.

    Why not include something the Sigs might actually do but in a realistic way. Half a day 'playing ' as infantry in a built up area is fun . Not much use reccying/working/defending in a comms site in the desert/forest/field though.

    How about setting up a comms node to the rear of a Field firing range. Get the comms up and working. Get the node IC to plan a defence of the site down range, get the toms to set up the trip flares etc down the range. The get them to bugger off for a bit. Trg wallas go out ,set up dixy targets by the flares.

    Toms come back carry out real comms task ( Drinking tea while watching DVD on TV in the back of me aircond waggon).

    Later start the exercise.

    Best of both worlds and its something we will be doing more of in the future.
  4. Hmmmmm

    I think a lot of it is do do with retention. Being a scaley and sitting in a tent at weekends going bleep is not my idea of a fulfilling career choice - but each to their own. A roughy toughy weekend with bags of aggression would help keep the gang happy. Shame about the numbers though; looks a bit thin on the ground but maybe this was more FISH than FIBUA ( It is FIBUA, this week, is'nt it? Thats what it says on the signs at Copehill.)

    Interesting lack of gats in some photos - and why does the bloke with the camera keep taking pics of grinning blokes?
  5. Because it's hard NOT to grin on OBUA?

    Sport of Kings.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    That's because we've got blokes in Bosnia and on Telic and POTL right now....

    The exercise was called Mancunian FISH, next year it'll be Mancunian CHIPS - Creating Havoc in People's Streets

    That'll be the Urban Confidence course

    - and
  7. well thats told me!

    Comment about the numbers was not derogatory - FIBUA is IMO far better if you have a big numbers - last time I did it my Coy put out about 50-60 blokes. You must have a lot of people Away :wink:

    Ref gats on the Confidence Course - I think this is down to the mood of the DS, my gang did it with gats which was nice as it had been hoofing down with rain. Would it be worth you trying to link up with a bigger posse to act as en / BCRs etc on a FIBUA ex? Plus, the points made above about the programme are pretty valid IMO.
  8. msr

    msr LE


    We were about 6 off a maximum turnout for that w/e, with 5 of those being on holiday...

    You're right about the numbers, I'd like to take a BattleGroup from the Manchester TA up there next year.

    The facilities are excellent and the staff at Whinny Hill exceptionally helpful.

    And we had a top instructor from R MON RE (M) to help us.

  9. Ref Battle Camps. Well frankly I think they are bloody good fun, if you are able to remember that they are only realy done so that the lads get a chance to run about screaming at each other, fire their weapons and generaly indulge in a bit of group bonding, under challenging conditions.

    Perhaps we could take a node command with us for the old guys who are convinced that the signals are not part of the field army to sit in./

    Battle camp, BRING IT ON.
  10. Why do we think we are grunts ? Well because half the corps is now full of RD people who have been caught out on their primary trade path (YofS, FofS, Supvr R and Supvr IS) as thick and wasters and are now trying to justify their life as a grunt................hate everyone of them.............mind you better them than me.......but I take great pleasure in winding them up on a daily basis..........thick tw@ts 8O
  11. Well said Knappers,

    Just take a look at the photos posted on the site


    I'm sure the node commander of this site in Iraq was thinking about the defence of his site nanoseconds after getting in the comms links. Not thinking about doing some FISH or CHIPS or whatever.

    Funny I always thought the Sigs mission was to provide comms to the field army from the battle field - not take over mission critical tasks from the field Army.

    my thread was about getting something new on the cards to keep the siggys happy by the training wallas. I to enjoy battlecamps but not the same old crud dished up year after year.
  12. msr

    msr LE


    Your cynicism knows no bounds. You whinge about battlecamp being boring, so I've highlighted something which we did which was new and interesting, then you try and run it down...


    P.S. Glad you enjoyed the pictures
  13. :? Its not about pretending to be Infantry, its about core skills that are neglected within our corps!!!
    Like it or not, at the end of the day we still wear the uniform that denotes us as SOLDIERS!!!
    I understand we all have jobs to do but if our basic soldiering skills were up to standard then the basics would not repeated again and again and again. Trust me, we dont like teaching it as much as you dont like recieving it.

    And by the way... triangular harbour is always taught because it is the only patrol harbour laid down by pam 3 infantry platoon tactics. If your on about linear, it is only used in dense woodland where triangular would be un feasable.

  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    What a bone reply. Core skills not up to scratch my arrse. Every battle camp and course I have ever done in 13 years has been the same old shite. Not teaching anything new and generally just pissing people about for a week to ten days. R Signals is viewed by most of the rest of the army as a bunch of ******* who piss people about for no good reason. The attitude shown above bears that out.

    Take the Sgts course for example. The exercise at the end uses all available manpower to defend a supposed trunk node site. Sending out clearance patrols and all that shite until everyone is knackered. What a load of bollocks that was. I didn’t learn a thing and it certainly did nothing to improve my “core skills”. Biggest waste of 5 weeks I can remember. Except perhaps when my OC made me acting SQMS, while I was waiting to start my Y of S course. Great idea sir!

    I could go on all day but it would be pointless. Besides if it was taught properly in the first place, instead of just arrsing people around, you wouldn’t have to teach it again and again would you?
  15. :evil: All right calm down !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can say that core soldiering skills within the corps are up to scratch with a straight face you need help my friend.

    Teaching military skills is not f***ing peopl about! you never know, one day it may just save their lives and that cant be a bad thing