Why do we still have Bedfords?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Run_Charlie!, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. They are too slow for modern roads. 40 years ago there was a lot less traffic, but today it's unrealistic to expect a bedford to keep up. Even worse when towing a trailer!
  2. thought we had SV's?
  3. The RE were still cutting around in Helmand this time last year in MJs with some dog toffee armour bolted onto the front.
  4. They are still better than the bloody awful leyland daf things they started giving us years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Genuine question.

    Does the cost of keeping them going outweigh the cost of replacing them within a reasonable timescale.

    I.E would a knew truck pay for itself in say 5 years, when compared to the cost of replacement parts for bedfords?
  6. You should all be honoured to be driving the same truck as your grandad, great grandad, tribal cheiftain
  7. because walking takes longer.
  8. Are these not the replacement for the Bedford?
  9. They are the replacement for most logistic/domestic fleet

  10. What...bring back the RL
  11. It's the Army's way of getting back at those c*nts who pull caravans at the weekend.
  12. Barely!
  13. Yes with 2 star petrol. pink pink pink
  14. The RL Bedford was the flashest thing on four wheels when I was a young

    squaddy, they did a marvellous job in Aden. And while we are on the

    subject of vehicles, what have you lot done with that little beauty, the

    Austin Champ?
  15. No, not the Austin Champ!