Why do we pay tax? Soldier asks PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. Good question - well put!

    In the article it states: '..... without showing any nerves.....' - why would a Welsh Guard be nervous of a deceiving, thieving, socially inept, Armed Forces hating, bigoted, blinkered and disreputable oaf?
  2. The Officer is like, "You absolute legend. I pay more tax than most, and wish I had the balls to ask that."
  3. Err - you wish. It brings less benefit to higher ranks who pay more tax, certainly - for example Lance Corporals. I understood that the original rate of OA was originally set at the rate of income tax (not including NI) that a private would be paying? Not sure about pay level or lower versus higher rate or whether the revised rates are still linked - I think it was just bumped by the standard %age pay rise.
  4. [​IMG]

    "Why are you paying tax? That's simple, I'm a grasping, thieving cvnt who's totally bankrupted the economy so can't do the proper thing"
  5. Well said Soldier.
  6. Mods please delete, double post!
  7. Well I could ask him if the TA should be paid tax free, as the Australian Reserves are paid tax free, we pay Basic Rate tax!

    Aussie reserves

  8. Yep and on ops its tax free for everyone plus you get paid an extra allowance I think between around 150 and 250 a day though I stand to be corrected on the exact amount.
  9. Depends where we are. In Afghanistan it peaks at an extra $250 a day, on top of tax free pay and other allowances, and $125 in places like the UAE and Kuwait.

    Not a bad wicket. I'm actually very surprised you lot get taxed. This operation allowance, is that only a few thousand pounds at the end of the deployment? Doesn't seem like much for the risk involved.
  10. Op Bonus currently at £13.08 per day.
  11. With a whopping £107 council tax rebate.........
  12. errrr,

    To pay for the teachers who are educating his kids, perhaps, or his Grannies hip operation - who knows?

    If you want more money, and I'm sure you deserve it, then ask for a pay rise or an increase in allowances.

    But 'why do we pay tax' is a bit of a bone question.
  13. Brown "it is so the career unemployed/benefit scag hags can make a living off the taxes you pay to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Jeremy Kyle and crisps."

    pauses for fish breath reflex

    "your doing a very important job out here, i hope you appreciate all the money we are taking away from you. it helps support a morally represhensible regime.... oh by the way are those live rounds you have there?"

    i wonder whether taxing squaddies and giving the money to spongers qualifies for war profiteering? :wink:
  14. The OP was about a young soldier asking the PM why do we pay tax when op Ops.