Why do we have a fractured AMS?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LeSAUSAGE, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Why is it that we have the RAMC, QARANC AND RADC etc with different Cap badges and insignia when we could have one? Surely this is only doubling the administrative costs on the MOD and is confusing as they usually work in conjunction with each other! I was told that amalgamation has been contemplated before but never materialised! Please dont shoot me down with some derisive traditionalist remarks - please be constructive! Your comments would be appreciated though! I propose a unified AMS!
  2. I dont think we're far of a DMS never mind and AMS. You only have to look at the hospitals, Keogh, medical training courses(Common Core), Operations see the post about RAF Shaiba etc. Sports teams at Corps level have played under AMS for years(20 I can remember the insult of having a green collar on the cherry red rugby top. it still wakes me up now). AMS MCM at Glasgow. Regular units not allowed to have RAMC signs etc at the front of units. They must be a non descript colour(see DGAMS directive before you make yourself look a cnut) pretty much like the DGAMS who ordered such a bizarre change. DGAMS- is there a DGRAMC?? I know the QA's have one(not a DGRAMC!!). 2 RAF drainies getting the commission slots in the sniffing world. Lab or XRay went RAF or something like that. Other than a formal merge I suspect its already happened.
    PS dont forget the Vets. they've got dogs like the QA's theres a definate link there. Its just the vets have control of theres.They eat when told to do so or when they find drugs where as the QA's eat all the time. Fat skip rats.
  3. You should know fella the "Silver Fox" has been known to hang out of a few!!!!!
  4. Why do we have a fractured AMS ?

    Have you taken five minutes to read the forums on this site ? People of the same trade dont get on ! People of the same capbadge dont get on ! and the varying capbadges of the AMS dont get on !

    combine the capbadges and save administrative costs and spend a fortune on recruiting due to the numbers that would leave due to the management chaos that would ensue, just like it did when DMSTC 1st went tri service the power struggle was immense.

    not a good idea but hey that probably means its coming soon !
  5. RAF was lead service but it was such a cluster, that it was ditched. The Army are trying to become lead service in both areas but it will take time as we are so undermanned, something like 60% for the lab!