Why do we hate the Spanish or the Dutch less than the French?

Recent threads have got me wondering......
Why do we hate the Spanish or the Dutch less than the French? 1066? Exocet mssiles? Inherited memory of thrashing the bastards from Pondicherry to Waterloo? Or maybe because every time you see a Frenchman you want to kick him until he stops twitching
Cheese eating,frog crippling, surrendering, twats that reek of onions and garlic.
In fact the only thing the cunts won't eat are Clorets breath freshners.
Because the French have the only bit of land that the British wouldn't mind owning.

Good skiing
Some nice sunny bits
Rather nice vineyards
Lots of room

If we could lose the French people, France would be quite a nice place for us Brits to have our winter / summer retreats.
But no, they squat there and sing o la la, and pretend that their food is better and smell the place up.
Not as bad as India though, we tried to civilize the place, but the natives just treated it like a toilet. Very much like a toilet.
Dutch prostitutes rock. What's the problem?
Always found Dutch birds in Australia to be pig ignorant domineering boring roots.

Apparently a lot of the Dutch in Australia are the offspring of Nazi collaborators sent here by the allies after the war for their own safety.

Therefore, it may not be fair to judge the entire nation based upon the drop kick Dutch that the yanks inflicted on Australia after the war.

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Apparently SS officers were a gang of social climbing, semi literate, par venu chavs, bit like the RAF, so my answer is probably the Dutch Army/ Resistance.
Soldiers of Evil: The Commandants of the Nazi Concentration Camps by Tom Segev - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

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Parvenu - now there's a word you don't hear very often nowadays.

(And my post wasn't meant to be terribly serious. I like the Cloggies and a lot of them showed true bravery during the war and gratitude afterwards).
Proximity and jealousy. France has some rather enviable aspects and the English Crown used to own large parts of it.
I think that we say we dislike the French because they can take our comments/humour without getting the hump. The Spanish are devious untrustworthy barstewards and the Dutch are so thick that they wouldn't understand half of what we said.
The French give a Gallic shrug and have another glass of wine.

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