Why Do We Hate the QOY??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The-Hog, May 28, 2005.

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  1. Are they just the Duke of Westminster's private toy or with the exception of the fine North Irish Horse just a bunch of t**ts that can't look after armour?

    Let the debate begin.............
  2. Always seemed to be OK,the DoW himself is a good chap or gives a fair impression of being one.He certainly puts the effort in on the TA's behalf.
  3. I hate to admit this but apart from all the other stuff. The main reason is because they kept their amour and we didn't. Dont know whose Idea it was or who pulled what strings but there you have it :twisted:

    But as you say Fstarter the Duke seems a decent chap and Ive never actualy had a big prob with Qoy, (apart from 1 chopper of a retread)
    I just never mention them in the mess,
    I wonder how the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry lads feel having been a Sqn of both The Royal Yeomanry and the QOY?
  4. Of course I'm sure that in today's modern army, personal influence would have no effect on army policy and that it is a pure coinicidence that QOY is the only TA regt with armour, that QOY is DOW's regt and that DOW is the most senior ranking TA bod in the army :wink:

    Oh, for such patronage! :D
  5. I know this is a rumour site, but come on!

    The Duke of Westminster is Honorary Colonel of The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry and has no connection with the Queen's Own Yeomanry.

    The Duke joined the TA in 1970, as an ordinary Trooper, and is now a Major General (Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Reserves and Cadets)).

    Incidentally, everyone I know who has met the man says he seems a thoroughly decent and down-to-earth person.
  6. The Duke is QOY joined in Chester (which used to be QOY), I believe, and climbed through the ranks. Still has QOY on his rank slide as I was surpsied to see a few months ago, this can be confirmed by the online photo showing him as a Brigadier.

    I'd imagine we kept our armour due to the fact that it costs no where near as much as Challenger 2s do.
  7. No arguments with him being a thoroughly nice bloke which I hear he is.

    just pointing out the coincidence :D which I think is an entirely appropriate use of a 'rumour site'. If this isnt the right place to start conspiracy theories I dont know what is!

    Antphillip, plenty of the other yeomanry units used to have CVRT. Unless anyone can tell me any different I think they all now shout 'bang' at each other from landrovers on FTX :roll:
  8. Met him , spoken with him and he seems a very decent type.
  9. I should have said, 'The Duke of Westminster has no current connection with the Queen's Own Yeomanry'.

    The Duke of Westminster is Honourary Colonel of the RMLY, but originally joined the Cheshire Yeomanry, which in 1972 became C (Cheshire Yeomanry) Squadron of the Queen's Own Yeomanry, but in 1999 became C Squadron (Cheshire Yeomanry) of the RMLY.

    Surely, if he was going to use his influence to affect the retention of armour (which I don't believe he did), he would have done so for his old Sqn (now part of the RMLY and sans armour) and not the QoY.
  10. Ahh I stand corrected Purple. A friend who was in Chester branch of the Yeomanry (rebadged RMLY is it now?) said they train as replacement gunners for the C2 and do their exercises in Landrovers as you stated.

    On a side note, is it true that the Duke offered to buy a whole squadron when the Government said they were going to shut them down?
  11. Youre missing the point about conspiracy theories. They dont have to have any truth in them! :roll:

    For instance I heard this great one back in early 2003 that George W was spreading around about Iraq being a 'clear and present danger' to the US, based on no evidence at all! :D
  12. Yes DoW did offer to buy a sqn when they were for the chop under options for cuts years back. I to have met him and he is a nice chap but as said earlier that isnt the point here. The RY have outshone the Q 'spit'OY since the day they crawled out of the obortion bucket and won numerous gunnery, cpx and op evals against regular oppostion I might add, but come judgement day when all of the CVR's dissapeared into iso containers for Nigeria who was left with them?? OHHHH the regt with the DoW in it! Then to rub salt in the wound they transfer B (Sherwood Rangers) Sqn RY over to them! The sqn that won most of the RY's gunnery trophies. Coincidence eh??? Molder and Scully where are you coz this is spooky!!!

    Ps am not SRY in fact an ex WD and mighty proud!!! 8)
  13. We don't.
  14. You would say that (even if you didn't mean it) :)