Why do we get pissed and smoke aswell as shag around

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BRIAN, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. does exctly what said on the tin.

    Why do we do it, whenever its army, i get smashed, im almost a professional pissartisist. In fact i am pissed now for a fact. Getting of ops exercise or whatever you do a natural reation is to get of yer face, why cant we just go, "that was a laugh" and crawl into a real bet for some quality gonk.

    Whenever enything goes on everyone starts to chuff on smokes. Or is this just me, i am a regulllar chuffer but they all come out of the woodwork during a particullarly minging shiete ex op, and all the rest!

    anyway im off to bed for an early ham shank

    Love you all

  2. oh forgot to talk about shaging.

    Why cant we respect bints, or is this just me.

    We use them for a bit of light releif.

    ahhhhhhhhhhh sod it, maybe it's just me.


    in yer face
  3. Fcukwit.
  4. You give knobs a bad name.
  5. Nice one Jamacia, now go bobbing for apples in the chip pan :D
  6. I will correct your spelling for you when I have stopped pi*sing myself laughing. Nice one MDN.