Why do we get issued two mugs?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HantsTiger, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. Having a look through my old issue list today and noticed that I had two mugs - the nasty plpastic '58 one for the water bottle (instantly replaced with a metal mug) and a flimsy green one that looks like something out of a picnic basket. Why do we get two? Is the green one any use? Does anyone else not use their '58 mug at all?
  2. Congratulations, that has to be a first on Arrse, a complaint about getting kit and not about not getting it. :lol:
  3. Because they've done it since 1970, and no-one has bothered to ask why 8O . Having said that, the metal mug replacing the '58 pattern one, is useful and I don't know of a squaddie who hasn't got a thermal mug of one sort or another.

    Not seen the plastic one out of the hamper since I was a recruit. Maybe the orange bloke who looks like and deals in antiques (David Dickenson?), will get a good price for it?

    Wonder if someone's been billed for not handing it back when handing in their kit?
  4. Yes, very handy after the black one melts over your hexy stove. Don't you know nuffink?

    Beggars belief really. 44 pattern burnt your lips unless you covered the rim with duct tape. So they bring out a black plastic one that can't be used for brewing up. (Why would soldiers want to make their own tea? Can't they pop down to the pay as you dine service?) Then they give you a nice dinky green one for kit inspections, mixing your Alka Seltzer, and entertaining visitors.

    Just give us ONE that we can brew up with, doesn't burn our lips off if the brew's hot, and keeps the liquid hot/cold. Matt finish would be nice. Regimental crest an optional extra available from the PRI store.

    Combat Accoutrements R us
  5. One's meant for a brew/cooking, the other one is meant to be used for shaving. Unless some of you are using hot water to shave?
  6. Shave? SHAVE????

    Real men pluck the whiskers with pliers - not so toughtie soldiers use mams tweezers!!!! 8)
  7. We get a metal mug for brewing in and a plastic one for drinking in, they fit over the bottom and top ends respectively of the 58 pattern water bottle.
  8. ones for using and ones for selling on e-bay, same reason why you get 3 sets of CS95 and 3 sets of dessies :D