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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mr_angry, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. OK, here I am in London for a quiet weekend's shopping with Mrs A. This afternoon, I am standing outside Jigsaw in Knightsbridge when a long haired scote runs out with a pair of boots under his arm. He is followed closely by a shop assistant who is clearly not going to catch him, so I decide to get involved (Having just finished lunch, and 3 x G+Ts).
    Four hundred yards later, I collar said scrote having beaten him over the head with my bag of shopping. He hands over the boots and says 'fair cop' or words to that effect. At this point his accomplice collars ME from behind, and they both get away, leaving with me with a sore head and a pair of boots.
    Now, here's my issue.........I am outside Harrods, with a security guard, a traffic warden and about thirty onlookers around and not one of them helps me when I collar the scrote, or when his accomplice catches up with us and collars me from behind. It sums up the state of the nation really, doesn't it?
    Rant over.
  2. Welcome to New Labour's version of Utopia ;)
  3. I'm surprised that you weren't arrested for infringing the scrote's human rights.
  4. To be honest mate, Im surprised you didnt get arrested for 'detaining a youth' or some such bollox.
    Also, I feel that many members of the great unwashed do not want to get involved with such thingss because of a few reasons.
    a) Said scrote may well be carrying a knife/handgun/screwdriver
    b) Most people have seen news reports of people getting strung up for getting involved
    c)Most people in this nation simply do not give a sh!t.

    Its a crying shame, when I did something similar to yourself I was assisted by another chap, low and behold I say a Para tat on his arm.

    Nowadays Im sure that the only people of this nation that really give a toss have a connection to the Armed Forces.
  5. Did you manage to keep the boots in all the confusion?
  6. Smokey - The first thing a woman onlooker said to me was 'You'll probably get arrested for battering him'!

    Suit_U....I'd love tp get arrested. The publicity would enable me to get my point across in public.

    Rhodesian...Yes, I returned the boots to a very happy manageress who has now offered an even happier Mrs_A shopping in Jigsaw at trade prices. I have returned to our hotel to get my breath back and plan a much needed fitness drive.
  7. hehehe, those little barsteward are quick arent they :D
    Perhaps if they were captured and educated they could put their running abilities to use at the olympics...
    On second thoughts, we should just cull the lot of em.
  8. At least you can hold your head up,if more people were like you the Country wouldn't be in such a sh1te state well done,Fcuk me I have been nice!
  9. I'll second that.
  10. Just think how many people will have watched you and though- fck me he's got some gonads. you did the right thing you bothered-well done for that. You should sleep well knowing that you made an attempt to make this nation of ours a better place-enough said. :thumright:
  11. Stand tall that man , good drills by one of Englands finest
  12. Raising a glass to you Mr Angry.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Good drills MR_Angry
  14. Fair play mate
  15. Oh people will get involved:

    I used to do uniformed security work in a large shopping centre. I lost count of the number of times we'd collar some little twat with the actual stores security guy, to have some twat passer by tell us to "cut the guy a break" and once to "not ruin his day".

    Worse than that, a colleague at the time was in the middle of restraining a guy for assaulting a member of a shops staff, when a 'do-gooder' decided to pull him off of his catch and have a go at him!

    What went wrong with people...