Why do USA need democracy in Egypt?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11354467/

    So USA in fact supported Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt is a key country in the region. Can it become Iran-style anti-Western state wuth nuclear ambitions as a result of democratic elections? It is possible. On this background even success of Hamas would look as absolutely irrelevant.

    Take into account that Egypt 'democracy' is too far from ideal.

    But is it in American interests to improve 'democratic' procedures? What would be a possible outcome?

    Suppose that Egyptian powerkeeper would obey American directives.

    Prospect of Egyptian Ahmadinejad #2 is very realistic id USA would promote 'true democtacy' further.
  2. Why do the USA need democracy in Egypt?

    Er.. the Suez Canal, perhaps? A western biased regime that will not attack their buddies the Israelis would be handy, too. Oh hang on, they've already got that.
  3. Access to Suez channel, security of Israel... There are of course very inportant objectives. But it looks like planners in Washington wish to establish Islamic regime in Egypt through democratic procedures.
  4. Just what confused part of your brain has dreamed this up?
  5. There is a good book called "Dining With Terrorists " which explores the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as some of the policy inconsistencies.
  6. I see a visible progress.

    1. I'm not brainless in your eyes.
    2. According to you only part of my brains is dreaming. :)

    On serious note the reaction of American administration is strange (at least from the first glanse). The decision made by Egyptian parliament is in interests of USA because current authorities are the best possible option. There is no more pro-American opposition in Egypt. As to the 'Brotherhood' then I doubt that anyone in Washington dreams about them at power.

    Americans has a good excuse. From formal point of view the decision was made 'democratically'. So Americans could simply say that it is an internal Egyptian affair. Moreover it is not parliamentary but local elections.

    So why has Washington protested against (profitable to them) decision? It was a 'strong message' to Egyptian powerkeepers that they should seek support in Washington and obey American orders (real orders). This one was false, no more than propaganda.
  7. Why have a free democaracy in Egypt and not bother with one at home?