why do they

It happens to me as I fondle the wife's legs. Not much help, but I thought I'd share.
So you are bravely telling everyone this as you leave, on a web site from behind an anonymous user name? thats well 'ard that is.
crazymab said:
As the title says why do people get "harder" the higher up they go?

When i was a low level lance jack all the screws thought that they were tough, when the next promotion came the sgts thought it, as i progressed upwards, the ranks above me thought they were and always made out to be harder than I by threatening me etc,

Now as a prepare to leave they still think this ....well all throughout my "career" nobody has ever found out and they never will find out how hard i am, and as i get the bollockings day for day at work, as i am belittled by the higherarchy i look at them and realise what tossers they are, but am i not also a tosser for not having the nuts to tell them what they need to know and exactly what people think?

So to all you hard tossers out there... behind your backs there are always harder and better people than you despite how good you think you are you are just .......... a TOSSER.

So back to the question.... has anybody else found this or am i alone in this world of hard bastards!!
Hmmm ... never had the b*llocks to stand up for yourself then???? Now that's really hard .......... to understand - you dingbat!!

Mr Mod

I propose the motion .... to the hole with this crap!!!
Go and tell the RSM he is a nonce who couldnt punch his way out of boy george's handbag.It's a win win situation,you will get your answer and we wont have you posting any more shite.
Yes, in answer to your original question you are alone.
He's obviously talking bollox. He alludes to the idea he has been promoted.

Can't see it somehow.
Its called a persecution complex, son. Find a shrink and get it sorted.

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