why do they

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crazymab, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. so why do they?
  2. It happens to me as I fondle the wife's legs. Not much help, but I thought I'd share.
  3. So you are bravely telling everyone this as you leave, on a web site from behind an anonymous user name? thats well 'ard that is.
  4. Hmmm ... never had the b*llocks to stand up for yourself then???? Now that's really hard .......... to understand - you dingbat!!

  5. Mr Mod

    I propose the motion .... to the hole with this crap!!!
  6. You obviously bring out the 'hard' in the people who have to supervise you.
  7. Methinks that if he gets any harder he will set :wink:

  8. because if they dont those under them will not have respect?
    Or because power corrupts and its fun?
  9. at last a truthful answer.
    thanks scuba
  10. Buggered if I know, mate. :?
  11. Go and tell the RSM he is a nonce who couldnt punch his way out of boy george's handbag.It's a win win situation,you will get your answer and we wont have you posting any more shite.
  12. Yes, in answer to your original question you are alone.
  13. He's obviously talking bollox. He alludes to the idea he has been promoted.

    Can't see it somehow.
  14. Its called a persecution complex, son. Find a shrink and get it sorted.