Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Jumping_Hat, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. There I was pounding the well beaten PFT path to another pass :) happy with that..... few days later.... CFT pass..... not long after that passed APWT.... usual basic soldierly stuff.....

    So why on earth do all the feckers who don't or can't pass these basic tests get paid the 'same' as me?

    OK I can hear some of the downgraded mob bristle with rising bile - fair enough - service life takes a fair old toll on the body and being hurt isn't much fun. But if your permanently downgraded, temporarily downgraded or one of those godforsaken oxygen thief spankers (you know the type) who are always in the sickie rank, your not operating to the same basic standards as most of our fellow contemporaries, including the lower limb amputees who pass all thier basic tests (hats of gents, don't know if I could do that).

    So why get paid the same rate.... you're not doing the same job....

    If you don't pass a promotion course, you don't get promoted. You don't pass a trade course, you don't get onto the next rung. Ergo, if you don't pass your basic tests why should you get paid the 'same' as one of your peers?

    It has always gripped my shite and I think alot of us feel that way too. I'm not saying if your not able to do the tests we 'kick em out' or bar them from promotion, the service has invested alot of money in training it's personnel and should get some return, but there is no equity in a system that doesn't reward the ability to pass the basic tests. Solution... emotive, but money talks, why not base it on a bonus system, proportionate to the tests you pass in the year, possibly based on the TA bounty system.... bearing in mind no system is perfect (that's why they invented amendments.... :wink: ).

    Now there you sit thinking there's another one of those uber fit geezers who passes a PFT like he passes water... far from it, I have to put in PT time to get a pass like (I suspect) the majority of us. I have also been downgraded and had to stand at the back for what seemed like an age, doing physio and other remedial phys to get back on track, yet I would welcome a system that doesn't seem so 'lopsided'.......

    What do you think folks? Am I just ranting (well, yes) like a looney or is this something that you think the army as a whole has been ignoring and should be looking at :?

    Donning Osprey and helmet......... :lol:
  2. Crack open a tin of lager and just say inshallah or Maafi Mushkil
  3. Or crack a can and say "retention".
  4. Did the nasty man shout at you?

    Some people are downgraded, not through choice. I do PT 3 times a week and am still a biff. Who the fuck are you to judge people?

    P.S. It's BCFT.
  5. And APWT (TS) or (CI) :wink:
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    BFT for us crabs....
  7. I've got to agree with sluggie. I might not have been the fasten man on earth but I didn't need to sprint to be a good medic ( or a bad one for those who knew me)

    Physical fitness is not the be all and end all of good soldiering, some sprinters can't tab to save their life and some people who can tab for miles are shoite at passing a BPFA.

    So your a super human who's got ver a downgrade...pat yourself on the back, well done, now jog on you tosser
  8. Shut it, you are a civvy - get back in your box. :D
  9. Was going to ask how crabs run in a straight line.
  10. Comparison;

    1. War dodging tw@t who's done 15 years and never deployed, gets every afternoon off to do PT (Egyptian if necessary). Passes fitness tests without breaking a sweat. Whilst still hungover.
    2. Lad who's done 15 years, half of which on ops, and now has permanent spine/knee damage, and can never properly run again.

    Should bloke number two miss out on this bonus you propose?
  11. Who's judging.... been 'biffed' myself for a time in the past, luckily through good physio got through it. But right now I pass the tests.... do you? 3 PT sessions a week.... well done you, have a biscuit.....

    And your so right BCFT..... B for Basic..... guessing you can't pass that as well.....

  12. jumping hat......are you the first member of your family to walk upright FFS, you are judging people...you ask why someone who can't pass physical assessments should be paid the same as you.....seems pretty judgmental to me

    As previously stated..fitness is not the be all and end all...yes it plays a huge part in the process, self discipline and team spirit etc, I presume you're a bit of a young pup, or just having a rant but in the NAAFI you are going to come up against males, females, thin people and fat people, fitness levels can get bolloxed the job still gets done.

    Just clicked....jumping hat...your an airborne type aren't you.....fit as fcuk but thick as fcuk
  13. Hey Jumping hat I'm with you mate
    bet these two couldn't pass a PFT fucking tear up their contracts thats what I say

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  14. i look forward to the day that while doing and passing all ur "Basic Tests" (like the rest of us that used to be able to before getting injured) u suddendy become one of the Biff crew that can't pass a test through injury not laziness- u'll be donating the wage that u don't think u deserve to someone else thats fit- or maybe u'll sign off in shame of not being able to do ur job cos u can't run ur mile and half in trainers!!!
    get a grip of urself u sad little loser!
  15. What about blokes who cant pass an APWT? should they be docked pay too?