Why do they continue to tolerate this loser?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muzzleflash, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. The answer is probably that 'that loser' (given what he gets paid for what he does, I'd hesitate before calling him a loser) makes for an excellent distraction if you want some bad news buried.

    What do we think? Council tax, crime, corruption or just a general 'off you go John, we could all use a laugh at this point'?
  2. Prescock is a disgrace and sums up all that is dreadful about Bliar and his bunch of grinning spivs. My 87 year old neighbour, an old soldier, calls him a piss-pot carrier and I think the old soldier has got it spot on. What has this country done to deserve a man with the intellect of an alchoholic ant to be in such a highly paid position of power? I just wish that Welshman some years ago had hit him properly and put him him out of the way for good. Pity it wasn't Calzaghe who did the punching.
  3. Good on the old bloke, what a quality phrase - might start utilising that one myself!
  4. A bit of fine tuning required methinks

    Prescott is a 'p!ss pot juggler', the term of maximum abuse for a poor ship's steward, which Prescott was before he became more of a shop steward and p!ssed off the management even more.

    I hear that Boris Johnson and Nicholas Soames goad Prescott in Parliament with continual requests; "ah, steward, G&T there's a good chap".

    This is not a slur on all stewards so please don't dick my coffee cup!
  5. I remember a while ago the press ran picture of this fat useless piece of sh1t diving on a tropical barrier reef in his swimming trunks. He was purporting to be on a 'global warming fact finding mission'. Who is he trying to kid?

    'A country gets a goverment it deserves' - Jesus, what have we done to deserve this lot!!?? :x
  6. I would wager that he has some serious dirt on Blair and is being kept where he is so that he doesn't spill the beans. Otherwise, I just cannot fathom it!
  7. Erm...abandoned all sense of duty, values, our traditions and religion, ignored god, denied family values, ruined our environment, put greed before service, destroyed a multi-tiered and responsive education system in exchange for a crumbly comprehensive one, allowed permissiveness (I think that might be tautology 8) ), weakened our disciplinary systems, corrupted public office and paid footballers thousands of pounds but allowed them to behave like rutting baboons and jackanapes...will that do for a starter?

    You could also throw in allowed politics to be taken over by a professional political community, abandoning democracy to oligarchs and not playing sport on Wednesday afternoons. I'm also not very happy about England's new rugby strip, the management of the 2012 Olympics and Fern Brittain's refusal to present This morning naked either.

    Even however if we trod the path of righteousness, I suspect Satan would somehow work his evil emissary Prescottebub into the mix though... :twisted:
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    A nicely judged generalised rant that man.....not an Op Ed writer for the Daily Wail by any chance ? :)

    ' For peace of mind, resign as General Manager of the Universe ' !

    The mong Prescott is one of the very few people who can make me reach for the volume control the instant he opens his mouth.

    The man is a continual affront to his working class roots and to the people he represents. How he has not been de-selected beats the hell outta me - have they no pride at all in Kingston Upon Hull ?

    From 'They Work For You'...his voting record.

    what a scumball.

    Le Chevre
  9. I know......but Prescock!!!???

  10. You could put a donkey with a red rosette up for election in Kingston Upon Hull and it would be elected.
  11. Oh dear, is the fat knobtard still alive?


    Pass the man a Xenical sandwich the fat, useless, contemptible, waste of Carbon. This gross, sweaty tw@t represents everything that is bad with Neu Arbiet. Greed, Gluttony, double standards, and the adept ability to make a cock of himself ate every opportunity. The man should be boiled down for glue. :x
  12. You don't sit on the fence there G.E. !
  13. [​IMG]

    Remember chaps, you cant judge a book by it's cover.

    My arrse. :)
  14. That's why the Lib Dems have 26 seats in the council compared to Labours 25, and are poised to take control next year??