Why do the SIB wear suits?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Redcapped_Avenger, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Surely under the policy of 'Soldiers First', this must be the time for the SIB to adopt the standard dress of the British Army, after all although some of them sometimes forget it, they are still serving members of HM Forces.

    Granted whilst 15% of them do look smart, 25% dress like London Stockbrokers and the remainder look like some crazy mix of HOBO and Columbo.

    Is there a real reason for the SIB to wear suits?
  2. you mean "wear"? As in to dress in, or "ware" as in to sell?
  3. Cos' they're the army equivalant of CID................Cnuts In Disguise!!! :D
  4. brown pin stripe is not realy miami vice...spot them at a mile away..
  5. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    :? :p
  6. Because they are too eh hem 'rotund' for their CS95 :?
  7. Smudge, cheers for the correction - spelling never was my strong point. RCA
  8. and why you will never wear a suit!
  9. ....even with spellcheck, that helpful little thingy on the toolbar.
    Stick to Provo-Ops mate!
  10. Maybe I will stick to Ops, have no choice at this stage of my career. Just looking at the future and wanted to know the answer to my original question. Came here for a broader answer to why the SIB wear suits, as all I get at work is that the SIB are failed GPD and think that they are something special.

    I dont wont to know about the bitching between GPD and SIB, this would go on for years and I get it everyday in a Pro Coy, over to you for a sensible answer - if that is not too much to ask? RCA
  11. LMAO, no really, can't keep the tears from falling, my ribs hurt ffs! How could any of us "fail" at GPD? It aint rocket science fella! I think you'll find a lot more GPD bods who have attempted and fallen by the wayside on attachments to SIB. It always really grates me that there is such a divide between GPD & Branch, afterall, all of us Branch lot started off in GPD, but decided to move on, what exactly is the problem with that???? I know good and bad in both, I've met GPD Cpls who know guff all about Ops or policework, and a fair few branch that really should never wear green or be given a weapon. Horses for courses as they say. Personally I like a bit of both (not in that way!!) I like investigating and I really don't mind wearing green/sand when required.
  12. I suspect that the reason is to do with the 'liaison' with civilian counterparts, both social and non-social in all theatres (less obvious op ones). The terrorist threats may also have had something to do with it too as constant changing in/out of uniform to pop down the road to the local plod CID would not be time efficient.

    Although it does offer a sort of camoflage for there deficiencies. If you had a SIB Sgt in uniform, who came across a group of soldiers misbehaving it could end up disastrous. I knew 1 SIB Sgt who had only 3 years military service. Notwithstanding his ability to write reports, remember definitions and make a good brew, his military experience could only be likened to a LCpl. Thus it makes sense for them not to get involved and be able to skulk away unnoticed.

    The lack of a rank slide can offer an air of uneasiness when dealing with guilty fatherless also, and nosey officers/RSMs are less likely to poke about.
  13. It's a mixture of reasons and a bit of nonsense as well.

    1. If you think about it in UK and to an extent in Europe SIB work quite a bit in the civilian environment and it was just easier to get about not sticking out like a sore thumb.
    2. Pre NI and certainly during National service SIB wore uniform and occasionally conducted 'plain clothes duties'
    3. Most of society look down their noses at the Army and you have more credibility in a suit.
    4. Pretty difficult to go down the pub with the local CID in a uniform.
    5. During the 1960s there was a cult of James Bond in SIB therefore sharp suits and Walther PPKs.
    6. SIB was formed from the Metropolitan Police not CMP therefore they brought their own traditions and prejudices.
    7. It's easier to go shopping or down the pub straight from work.
    8.Because they can.
    9. Wearing civvies gives you 'cred' in a uniform environment and people senior to you are not quite sure of your status

    There are a lot of down sides to the suits business. Not least the expense.
    99% of the time it is not necessary but have you ever looked at one in uniform?
  14. In addition to the original question it could be asked 'Why do members of the SIB need to wear the minimum rank of Sgt?'

    Surely they act on the same authority as the LCpl on his first patrol as a GPD NCO, that being of the PM (A)? Afterall the CID in the civil police force do not gain rank purely for having completed the Detective training course, so why do the SIB?

    I am not slating this, but I am playing devils advocate, so why then?
  15. Again, back to the originals can you imagine the Met roughing it? They were trying to recruit experienced Detectives (not newly qualified ones). Given what an SIB investigator does day to day JNCO status would suffice really. Mind you conversely there are a lot in the Corps doing little more or maybe less than an infantry Private so careful where you let your logic go.

    When you say 'wear' you don't mean on their suits do you? it was strictly on your boxers in my day?