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why do the MOD employ retards!

Just been down to Grantham to spend 2 weeks on a UBRE /TFF course as part of the course we are required to do ADR /HAZMATT to make us legal to drive the kit on the road. So imagine to our surprise and horror after spending a week in a class room being bored stupid about trem cards ect to find out on the Friday morning that the city&guilds exam(s) we were supposed to sit to quailfiy us we couldn't take the required exam. Thanks to a useless civil servant (waste of space) who works at said unit we were unable to take the exam why? As the t"£t of a post clerk signed for a yellow page packet containing the exam papers on the 31 of July but couldn't remember who/were he placed or sent them on the camp but it wasn't the Dvr Trg wing were the were supposed to have been sent! even a tannoy announcement failed to produce them.
The upshot of it is around 9 TA and 3 regular(all supposed to be on leave) will now have to go back at a later date and re-sit them. This clown has now left people 1/2 trained to carry out a task and just how much has he cost unit's off their budgets thanks to his complete and utter incompetence! if he'd been ID'd on Friday most of us would be looking at a murder charge now.....utter ********!

The effect it has on me is that now a weekend before I go to Germany for 2 weeks is that I now have to travel to do an exam cancelling out prior arrangements that I already had in place. Perhaps the MOD wants to look more closely before civi-ing jobs as quite clearly the the mongs they end up employing in cases end up costing more money than they save. If this was a sqauddie who'd cock'd up he'd be on a charge and rightly so but however as it's a CS no doubt more time and money will be wasted by his union trying to protect him if he's in the sh1te over his incompetence

hear endith the rant!
mate grantham is full of muppets from the Wan.kers in the armoury to the retards in the cookhouse the camp is awash with total muppets i could count the number of decent civi's there on one hand
Seen the one in the cookhouse that looks like Tubs from the leauge of gentlemen? :eek:. What pisses me off more than owt is the fact that the extra cost is comming off someone's budget that could have been put to better use just how much has this fan-dan cost the MOD?
The thing is the MOD have to employ some of the local muppet civi's to get their Investment In People award. But why oh why they have them working near food is another matter.
its not just the food they have them working near at grantham the armoury the post room the rhq is all staffed by freaks and weirdos
The thing is , It is just not limited to Grantham (although it is a bit of a loon place) It is nationwide , up and down camps all over the UK.
The're everywhere in the MOD! Then again who else would work for the pitance they get paid! Pay peanuts, get monkeys!" Simple!
They are everywhere in every government department.

Go to a private company, if they want something doing well and they employ the top and best and brightest people to do it.

Because we pay for everything out of taxation we only ever hire the lowest paid most useless pack of muppets we find.

And when we get in private contractors for e.g. catering, they manage to get in even lower forms of life because they know they will keep the contract no matter what, so want to make more money.

I vote we go communist/fascist straight away (snigger, snigger) because that way we put the state first!
bazzinho said:
Go to a private company, if they want something doing well and they employ the top and best and brightest people to do it.

Not quite sure about that , At least not where i used to work where they now employ more Pole's than anyone else because they can pay them the mimium wage...

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