Why do the British Army iron there uniform??

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  1. it a historical answer im lookin for
  2. Wah. That said, women iron - soldiers press.
  3. Can I be the first to say......Waaaaaaaaaah
  4. The state of my boots usually ensured enough of a b*llocking before the rest was noticed
  5. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    But if not - th' Army presses its Uniform!

    So they don't look like a bunch of scruffy, ill-disciplined Johhny Foreigners.
  6. Uniforms are for dying in, not ironing.
  7. But why die in a uniform with no creases looking like a bag of shit when you can go out in style with boots shining and creases you can shave with. Ahh I love the smell of starch in the morning
  8. Because it'll save your life one day.

    As will marching up and down the Parade Square, getting a nice gloss on your boots, being able to perform origami on a blanket, etc, etc,
  9. Its to kill the lice in the creases
  10. Been out 19 years now, still catch myself trying to press pleats in my daughters' school uniform blouses...

    It's a skill that stays with your for life! :D
  11. ok then press their uniform!!!
  12. They can survive dry-cleaning? Tough little beggars, aren't they?
  13. I still do all my own kit, takes me long enough to put 1 crease in my shirt and trousers, christ knows how long it takes her to put the half a dozen in when she has a go. :x and I have been out a while now
  14. If the British Army didn't press their uniforms they'd look like fish-heads.
  15. Or even septics :puker: