Why do teams take the Haka?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Its always bemused me, why on earth teams just stand there while the Kiwis spout their challange.

    Top marks to the Welsh for their stance last week - they just stood there which REALLY confused the All-Blacks; watch the clip right to the end...

    Could I suggest THIS from The Rezillos before our next rugby / footie etc match?
  2. Because if like in 89 when Richard Cockerill went face to face with the Kiwi No2 while performing the Haka and accepted the challenge, the Kiwi's bleat about being disrespectful towards their identity. I do love watching the Haka so I'm not knocking it, I just believe if a challenge is set, don't whine when it's taken up.
  3. What Tommo5050 said.

    It looks good and is a Maori tradition I beleive.

    Was good seeing the Welsh just stand and not move recently - pity they did that for most of the match though.

    Excellent avatar Tommo "San Peur" mate.

    Well done to A&SH for getting the Freedom recently.
  4. I've long believed that the Haka should be challenged or at least responded too.

    Nothing nasty or disrepectful, just something to rile their blood. Maybe a bunch of fat old England veterans could be wheeled on to drop their shorts and show their hairy arrses at the climax.

    Or maybe a big slobbery Bulldog in Union Jack waistcoat could be trained to lay a putrid steaming pile of dog toffee at the crucial moment.

    Then Fran Cotton could blunder on, pick up a handful and throw it at the 'dancers'.
  5. This is the way to face a Haka, do one of your own

    Haka fight
  6. Where do people stand on the response at Twickers today.

    The fans drowned out the Haka with Swing Low. Put a smile on my face.
  7. We could do the hokey cokey back to them,LOL

  8. Thats the way to do it

    I am amazed that teams stand there and take it

    I wanted the Irish team to turn their backs and do some ball drills

    whilst the All Blacks were hacaing away to there hearts content

    this would hopefully pee them off so much there discpline would suffer

    and multiple penalties would be awarded against them
  9. Yep, liked the interaction with the fans when the Haka was being performed, just a shame the England side didn't show the same passion, if Beautiful Carter had kicked all his attempts the score would have been horrific.
  10. Nice one Mull :D
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We could always do what we did the first time and front rank kneeling fire, centre rank standing load!
  12. I still think we should sing this...
  13. It boils my p1ss.

    "You can't front us up, Its disrespectful"

    "You can't ignore us its disrespectful"

    So you have to stand there like a bunch of lemons? I think not. Get in a huddle and ignore it is my belief - get some last minute instructions out to the team.
  14. Exactly. Why should one side be allowed to exercise their cultural heritage but no one else is allowed to do it? That's an unfair psychological advantage.

    I reckon other teams should be allowed to just stand there laughing and taking the piss. The England team should be allowed to do a wee morris dance. That'll shut the fcukers up at least until they score 32 points or so....
  15. Agree. It used to be a quaint tradition in the 1950s, when we saw very few teams from that neck of the woods. In this professional era we have fcuking loads of them, Union and League, NZ, Pacific Islands, Cook Islands etc.

    Its lost the olde worlde charm, and there really is no reason why we should condescend to give them an audience. If they want to do it that's fine, I wouldn't stop them. But I'd ignore it and get on with team talk/warm up/whatever.