Why do supermarkets not accept the mod 90 as a form of id

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dazwilso, Oct 8, 2010.

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  1. Get this guys a was in my local Asda not long ago get a pack of cigs and the lady behind the counter requested my ID.... because i had just got back and i was still in deserts all that was on me was my MOD 90 and they wouldnt accept it she claimed that 'it was not a valid form of ID because i could of got it any were'.........but when i went out on the piss with the lads that night i used tryed to use it to get into a club and they let me in for free (cheers easy)

    to round this up lol stood in asda in uniform a kicked of and im now bared so much for supporting out soldiers
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  2. Why should they accept it? It's a MOD90, is a military ID card (the clue is in the name).

    What if I made my own ID card up, and asked them to accept that? I bet they'd say "do one"

    You kicked off in Asda because they wouldnt give you some cigarettes? You sound like a complete bellend.

    The legal limit for cigarettes is 16, are you a cadet? I'm not sure how buying fags "supports our soldiers?" Or do you mean the "kicking off" bit of your frankly shiite story that I think you've made up. I fail to see how kicking off will help endear the public to the forces.

  3. Does anyone alse think that this is....

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  4. Agreed, I'm just surprised he didn't have his tantrum in the sweets aisle when out with his mum....
  5. I get p*ssed off when they dont ask me for ID now, cheeky f*ckers I am a very young 40 year old when I hide my grey hairs.
  6. It's 18 for cigarettes now and most places ask for ID if you look under 25.
  7. Granted this subject pops up from time to time but is there really any excuse for a reply like that?
  8. clearly.......
  9. fair enough, thats your perogative, but with a reply like that maybe youre the one that looks like the bellend.
  10. I call bollocks windup.

    1) It's been time and time again.
    2) 'I used it to get into a club' always kicks people off.
    3) I got banned from the shop whilst in uniform for supporting soldiers... hasn't that been done before too??

    Definitely 100% a wind up. Asda might ban somebody for kicking off, but not for supporting soldiers. I think that bit came from the 'I went to co-op to get a few tins' story a few months ago. Like I said, failed windup.
  11. well sorry dad!
  12. I am a bellend, but I've never made up some bullshit story on Arrse about not getting served cigs in a shop, just to try and get some outrage bus action.

    Is Dazwilso your alias? Was it you? Did you chuckle whilst you typed it, thinking "hehe, this'll get 'em going"? Go on, it's you isn't it.

    Did you shed a small tear when your pants plan failed, and your arrse windup was shot down so quickly?
  13. whatever you say! are you a knight of the computer table? keep going keyboard warrior, if making people feel small makes you feel clever then good for you!

    yes, he asked a bone question, but a reply calling someone a "bellend" that they dont even know, come on!

    whether its your rank or the number of medals above your avatar that makes you feel big but this is a public forum, and everyone HERE IS equal! get a grip
  14. By your logic above, who are you to tell me to "get a grip"?