why do some officers think they can ditch there men

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 6675franc, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. This realy gets on my tits.

    while some OC's sit in there officer and do there job some do not. im talkin about the ones who have never got a whole LAD's cr's ready(not one on time) or the type of officer who cares more about his courses than your welfare. the type of person who tells you to come to his office (25km from home) only to not show because he fancied going wakeboarding. The type of officer who ignores all your memo's, emails, even mesages left on his mess door because he thinks he can and to make things worse he wil brown nose his way to a promotion to just do the same over again but on a larger scale.
  2. Some..or just one in particular?
  3. F*ck me! The way your OC acts, you would think he was actually in charge. Not got an ASM to sort him out - or are you the ASM?

  4. Oh this sounds particular - so lets start with UK/BAG or Worldwide?
  5. He probably thinks you're a cunt.

    Just reading your post made my eyes bleed.
  6. I'm thinking, BAG, in fact I think Paderborn, he quotes KM for distance, and the OC is off wakeboarding, big wakeboarding lake here!
  7. PB could include Guetrsloh, either Bks, so its a big catchment.
  8. He probably requires the messages to be written in something resembling English, rather than pidgin-gobbledegook...
  9. I think he might be hapier if you sent him a postcard from foreign location, judging from the sound of him

    You're lucky to only have one of them, I've got three to deal with.
  10. What's your TA rank Pyrogenica? Just out of polite interest.....
  11. Judging by his command of the English language, his wonderful wordsmithmanship and his undoubted intellect, I would say he was a DMS boot insole.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    He may even read arrse ;) And with that username....

  13. :roll:
  14. Sounds an easy **** around to me - perhaps the army has changed for the better. That is nothing compared to the shit cold w3ar warriors put up with. Suck it and move on.
  15. Pyrogenica, the coprolyte, is retired.

    Does anyone else think that having your zap number as your ARRSE handle is not the wisest course of action when whinging?