Why do some lorry drivers think that they own the road?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Driving along the road yesterday I saw a lorry stopped on the other side of the road, as I got closer he pulled out across the road and proceeded to reverse back and forward in an attempt to back into a side road.

    As I had been forced to make a rather sudden stop by his manouver I was a tad irritated. My temper didn't improve much when the driver started honking his horn and 'gesticulating' at me when I drove past Presumably he thought all the traffic should wait for him to finish his 18 point turn rather than driving by as soon as there was space.

    Am I just being a miserable git, or would my fellow ARRSErs have been equally p*ssed off?

    Oh yes, since it's the NAAFI; should I have smeared his windscreen with dog poo, let down all his tyres and anally raped him for annoying me?

  2. I had some fat fcukpig of a lorry driver driving his truck about an inch from my rear bumper, whilst going through speed restricted road works along the motorway. Fcuking nonce. So i slowed down after the speed restriction had ended and sped up everytime he tried to overtake. Childish i know, but it made me feel better.
  3. If you were paying the same amount of road tax you might be tempted to think that.
  4. What the fcuk has the price of road tax got to do with the fact that truck drivers generally drive like tits (and dump wimmins bodies rolled up in old carpets in lay-bys)?
  5. Truck drivers are Turbohet Sex Gods. FACT.

    Its just that women haven't realised this yet.

    But they will.

    Oh yes - mark my words, they will.
  6. Arrogant self-interest exacerbated by the ginster fuelled high blood pressure?
  7. I am chuffed to f*ck that they've been hammered by fuel cost increases. Them and that other bunch of 'professionals'.....the taxi drivers. Especially those tossers from 'Star Cars' in Catterick.
  8. I do that all of the time. It annoys the f*ck out of the c*nts. The same when they are behind me in the outside lane. I overtake at about 2mph faster than the car in the inside lane. Causes much anger and flashing of lights. On gradients, I sit next to the car on the inside all the way up.

    I can't see why they complain. After all, they do it themselves.
  9. Nice quote , you obviously thought really hard with the fuel comment , look around you , did everything you poses just apear like majick did it , do you posses everything you will ever own because i hope so , so you wont moan when your buying milk for £3 a pint , etc, etc , because of the haulage costs , think hard at what you get chuffed over . oh its not just truckers who have been hammered its everyone
  10. No, I made it because I just knew that some sad w*nker like you was lurking in the aisles waiting for an opportunity to whine. That's the only reason I did it. Thanks. Now f*ck off and sort your spelling out you illiterate c*ck.

    (PS. There are no Magicians in my home, just people who have worked for what they possess....and there's not a fat truck driving retard amongst them. £3 a pint of milk? I wouldn't know how much it costs. I just go in and buy it....because I can afford to).
  11. And while we are at it fcunig bus drivers and car showroom delivery drivers in fact anyone who delivers produce to a retail outley during the morning rush. this morning had a quick reaction test as the bus I was following around a roundabout stopped to allow a another bus get onto the roundabout.
  12. Yes of course you did . Had a bad day have you . Get a grip .
  13. People in yellow and/or beige cars - c*nts the lot of them.

    People with body coloured bumpers on their car - WTF is that all about?

    People going to work in their cars - GET A F*CKING GRIP!

    People going shopping or to visit relatives in their cars - sort your sh*gging lives out, you useless morons.

    Renault Espace drivers - chav scum.
  14. No mate, honestly I did. And mugs like you take the bait...every f*cking time.

    I've had a great day, thanks for asking.
  15. So..... pardon me for asking but what exactly can we use our cars for under Dilfor's New World Order!!!? :wink:

    Yours, Outraged of Surbiton