Why do singlies get LOA?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by JackRE, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. Why do singlies get LOA? They have no family to feed and never venture off camp unless its to drive back to the UK or the pizza delivery boy is off work.
    Pads's who have famalies and a house to support have recently had their LOA cut!! Singlie LOA should be taken away to supplement the pad's.
    Your thoughts please.
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  4. my thoughts...

    you are a tube.

    loa is supposed to be for phoning home and supplimenting to the cost of "british" products you get abroad. these items cost a bit more than usual, especially newspapers and such and such. as a singly i find that you quote reference never venturing off camp is bollocks. just because you shop at lidl instead of naffi max does not make you a well travelled deutsch master.

    im off to dortmund today to try and spend some of my already minimal LOA and get away from the pads brats that seem to multiply daily on my camp. chavving it up in the naffi shop and living off daddys rank/reputation.

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  6. I'm with Jack on this one.

    Someone tell me what single soldiers need LOA for? They dont have large shopping bills, they eat in the cookhouse at no extra cost. Pad's require the cash for books for their kids which cant be bought locally in english as well as the extra mouthes to feed, cloth and entertain.
    I dont see why sitting in your room w@nking all day constitutes a requirement for extra money.

    They even get LOA when on tour, do they leave anyone behind in that country? NO, so why residual LOA. It should be stopped fully as LSSA is enough. Why stop there, they should not even have tha same rate of LSSA
    as pad's as they dont have the added stress of leaving immediate family behind (their right hand gets to go tour with them!). Maybe they should stop whining about LOA and be gratefull for what they have.
  7. Hmm, Two knobs on this thread.

    I am a pad myself, but singlies also have to spend extra money on things such as continental headlights, green card for insurance, etc.

    LOA is so that you are not financially inconvienenced by living abroad.

    So the answer is no, Singlies should have LOA.
  8. PI$$ off to the RE forum CNUT!!!!! We get LOA cos we do exactly the same job as pads. You have no case, and stop bean stealing from our scoff houses.
  9. J_D

    J_D LE

    LOA/LSSB/LSSA is an entitlement to all over the military fullstop. Open your eyes and remove that wool :wink:
  10. This is obviously a wind up. Don't bite to the fcuking wedgehead. And if it isn't, Jack, you are a credit to your Corps
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    Perhaps he doesn't realise that singlies still want to watch Brit TV, drink Brit ale and phone home now and then. They also go back to the UK more frequently as they are not allowed to bring over their girlfriends or family, while Pads have a nice house for relatives to stay in. As with Pads they get ripped off by the nazi banks (who do not charge locals monthly account fees but used to charge us a fortune). I would suggest that next time the LOA review team visit his barracks that he asks them what LOA is supposed to pay for.

    Then hopefully everyone in the room will stamp on his head.
  12. Correction - two brand new knobs on the thread. Quite a coincidence to have two new users backing up each other's rant huh?
  13. Prehaps if the pads did the same duties as the singlies same details as the singlies. When I was single I had no family to go back to apart from room that was more like a cell. In the leave period ,pads only have to drive to there estates my lads have to drive for eight hours just to see there loved ones. So shut it you moronic wedgehead fatbadge mong.
  14. And who cares what this may be a wind-up? It is always fun to vent one's spleen :)
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