Why do seemingly decent/intelligent people support Labour?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by harareboy99, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. On this site of course, the majority of us know that New Labour are 5th columnists out to destroy the country from within. Or are at least totally incompetent.

    So why do people I consider friends of mine, still support Labour? Even after 13 years of total rubbish? :x

    For example (and what prompted this post) a lady friend of mine joined a Labour Party support group on Facebook. I was shocked, not only does she seem intelligent but i'd at least expect her to go lib dem or greens or something if she couldn't stomach voting Tory.

    A further example also facebook related, was when a throwaway comment by me resulted in an essay sized attack on the tory party and appraisal of Labour from a teacher friend of mine. When pointing out a select few of Labours failures I was told this was because of Labour moving more towards the right! And were thus 'right-wing' failures, whatever that means!

    Of course he is a teacher and we all know that the public sector and civil service are in Labour's pocket. Also, a certain percentage of teachers are horrendous lefties anway. I remember being told at school by my biology teacher when i told her that I planned to join the Army that 'we should become like Switzerland and scrap the Army altogther'.

    Have Labour genuinely brainwashed people? Are the Tory Party actually considered worse than another 5 years of the champagne socialists?

    It is beyond my understanding how anyone thats half-intelligent and not a complete whet like loony lefty moonbat would ever vote Labour.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Easy mate people are sheep.

    except in Wales where sheep are nervous.
  3. Oi! I resent that remark, some enjoy it! :lol:
  4. Labour are very good at propaganda.

    And some people are gullible idiots.
  5. Did you point out that the Swiss have compulsory male conscription at age 19 and that you are then a reservist until 34?

    Mind you there are some good points, you get to take all your kit home, a mate of mine had a BAR in the cupboard.
  6. I was 15 and probably couldn't find Switzerland on a map. But then again she probably couldn't either.
  7. Have you ever wondered why the winner/loser of some such shoite tv programmes that seem to dominate the TV schedule always seem to get a mention/phone call from Broon the Loon et al. when there are much more pressing issues at stake

    It is a conspiracy to dumb down Britain by getting them to watch "Prole TV". The TV listing are full of rubbish like Strictly Come X Factor Britain's got no talent dancing on Ice etc etc etc. People are more willing to vote for Cheryl Cole's candidate that a political candidate. They have ruined the Schools where at least 10 % of children leave primary school without basic numeracy and literacy skills.

    It's all spin spin spin!! As the majority of younger voters have known nothing else. They have grown up with Liabour for the last 13 years so can only take the word of the government that things were far worse under the Tories or that the Tories are out the Steal from the poor to feed the rich. That's if they're even registered to vote in the first place. All of the scandals that have occured in the Labour party are all just swept under the carpet. The Blair Broadcasing Corporation simply stop reporting them and it's all forgotten about.

    I direct you to this book The Big Red Book of New Labour Sleaze. A recommended read and you can even preview the bok as Amazon have a look inside function. Even on the first few pages listing events from 1997 when they first came into power it is evident that thaey started as they meant to go on.

    People need to be educated. They need to be reminded of all that has gone wrong with this government. But who is going to remind them??? When fewer and fewer people read nowadays as they prefer to watch TV, I doubt that the BBC are going to remind them and ITV are too busy churning out Soaps and X Factor programmes
  8. It is pretty obvious that any one in the public sector will vote for liebore, as they have been given pay rises good pensions while the private sector has had a pay freeze or like me a pay reduction of 1.5% :x . I hope the Torys get in and cut as many public jobs as they can and bring my taxes down. and before you all go mad i mean managers, at the top, and NHS managers, council managers on over a hundred thousand a year, and made up jobs that communists, sorry liebore socialists make up to fiddle the jobless totals. And all lieing scum benefit scroungers must be forced to work or no dole after 6 months, only tokens for food. So no work= no fags or booze or luxuries.
  9. Some form of domestic service would be ideal, I've had to fork out for their fags, booze and play stations, the least I should expect in return is my garden tidied and house cleaned.
  10. [quote

    Of course he is a teacher and we all know that the public sector and civil service are in Labour's pocket..[/quote]

    Funny, I could have sworn, most of the cops I've know/known in the last 13 years hate labour for what they've done to the police. i.e turned us into every thing the public and us hate about the police.
  11. Coppers, Armed Forces, frontline NHS?
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I was going to add; are you including the Armed Forces in that broad sweeping generalisation? And if not, why do you assume that all other public sector workers are 'in Labour's pocket'?
  13. Funny, I could have sworn, most of the cops I've know/known in the last 13 years hate labour for what they've done to the police. i.e turned us into every thing the public and us hate about the police.[/quote]

    In the schools ive been into as a trainee, i must admit that I can count the teachers that were not labour supporters on one hand. When you ask them why everyone of them will cite Thatcher as their reason. It was twenty years ago dammit and she did a lot of good things.
  14. can you point me in the direction of this pay rise? I distictly remember the police marching not so long ago due to an effective pay cut. Not to mention the upcoming police pension contributions rising to 15% with no extra monetary benefit.
  15. Civplod.

    I apoligise. I did not mean Police.

    Nor, obviously did I mean the Armed Forces.

    My sweeping was a bit too much of a generalisation admittedly.

    Id say on the whole however, that Labour do get a lot of their support from non-uniformed public service.